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Adhesive Backed, Polyurethane Molded Bumpers
Frank Lowe brand and the 3MTM BumponTM Protective Products



Fast, Foolproof Product Protection


Designed to bond instantly to almost every kind of surface, our adhesive-backed polyurethane bumpers protect the value of products and ensure the safety and satisfaction of end users by

  • guarding against surface damage
  • preventing slipping and skidding
  • reducing noise and vibration
  • absorbing shock  

These UL-recognized bumpers contain NO plasticizers, oils, or fillers and meet the highest industry standards for resilience; crack-, abrasion-, and stain resistance; anti-skid properties; and noise and shock dampening capacity.


Our comprehensive selection of Frank Lowe brand bumpers and 3M BumponTM protective products includes a variety of options to fit your application needs.

  • Rubber or acrylic adhesive backings
  • Colors: clear, black, brown, white, or gray*
  • Available kiss-cut on6" x 12" sheets** 
  • Custom die-cut strips or smaller pads (with or without metal inserts) available at minimal cost
  • NEW! Softer durometer for superior sound dampening***
    • Available in two standard profiles: FLB-17 -SD, and FLB-28-SD


For the perfect fit every time, contact the bumper specialists at Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc., today.


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* Please call to confirm availability of white, gray, and brown.

** Exceptions: FLB-20, FLB-46, and FLB-53.

*** Please call for availability. (-SD suffix designates the softer durometer.) Not for load-bearing applications.


Perfect for Every Purpose 


Mounting picture frames
Dampening impact noise from drawers and doors
Protecting medical devices
Holding computer keyboards/screens in place
Securing cutting boards
Separating stacked glass
Preventing furniture scratches
Balancing equipment components
Automotive applications
Shipping and warehousing
And much more...