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Learn more about Frank Lowe's Administrative Assistant and HR Assistant, Pat Edwards.

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Pat Edwards

Administrative Assistant / HR Assistant

Pat Edwards

Introducing Pat Edwards, the Administrative Assistant and HR Assistant at Frank Lowe, who has dedicated 22 years of service to the company. Pat also handles Accounts Receivable and serves as a backup for order entry. As she approaches her well-earned retirement later this year, Pat reflects on her experiences and contributions at Frank Lowe.

Travel has always been a passion for Pat, with Italy, particularly Tuscany, being a dream destination. Inspired by the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun," she longs to explore small villages, take cooking classes, participate in wine tours, and immerse herself in the local culture while walking and biking through the picturesque countryside.

A favorite aspect of Pat's work at Frank Lowe is the company culture, which values personal connections between employees. As an HR professional, she enjoys interacting with her colleagues, learning their stories, and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Her approachable demeanor and willingness to engage with others have contributed to the strong sense of community within the company.

If Pat hadn't pursued a career in the manufacturing industry, she would have chosen a profession in the natural health field or something involving children. Her curiosity about alternative healing methods and the simple joy that children bring to life speak to her nurturing and open-minded nature.

One of the most impactful pieces of advice Pat has received came during a review session in which her manager noted that she was not following through on certain issues or orders. Rather than becoming defensive, Pat embraced the feedback, reflected on her actions, and used the experience to grow and improve. This valuable lesson has taught her to appreciate constructive criticism and maintain an open mind, as it ultimately helps her move forward in both her personal and professional life.

Pat's dedication, warmth, and openness to growth have made her a treasured member of the Frank Lowe team. As she prepares for her next chapter, her contributions to the company will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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