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How to Shop for the Best Face Shield

Protecting yourself and others means taking the proper steps and knowing how to find the best face shield has become one of those steps.

As COVID-19 cases continue to linger across the country, most states are emphasizing face coverings while in public in order to stop the spread of the virus. This increase in demand for face protection has many businesses selling non-medical masks and masks with insertable filters to keep up with the market.

Another popular trend that has begun sweeping the nation has been the use of face shields. Due to the shortage of face masks, several — and we do mean several — fly-by-night manufacturers have started to create face shields. While it does meet a need, it also creates a real problem for those looking to buy face shields. 

One of the most common FAQs regarding face shields we receive is "How do I know which face shield to buy?" Simply put, not all face shields are created equally or as effective. To help you make the most educated decision, we've outlined a few key parameters and guidelines you should use when you're shopping for the best face shield. 

What Are Face Shields Designed to Do? 

Face shields are personal protective equipment designed to shield your entire face — just as the name suggests. Each face shield is made of a piece of transparent plastic that covers your face and eyes to protect you from infection. Normally used by healthcare workers, face shields are emerging as an additional layer of protection against COVID-19.

Face shields are engineered to reduce transmission of coronavirus and other infectious diseases by preventing particles from getting into your mouth and eyes. Also, if you sneeze or cough, the face shield prevents aerosols from traveling as far as they normally would. Another way a face shield helps prevent the virus from spreading is they prevent you from touching your face, where unwashed hands can inadvertently spread the virus.

Is It Worth Getting A Face Shield?

Even with all its upsides, the Center for Disease Control does not suggest using face shields as a replacement for cloth face coverings (this is mostly due to the lack of testing). However, many doctors are still open about their approval towards the addition of a face shield on top of cloth face coverings.

“It protects you, the wearer,” says Dr. Esper, an infectious disease specialist from the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center. “But if you cough, because this face shield is away from your face, those droplets can still get out better than if you have a mask on.”

Because viruses are so small, they can theoretically go around the face mask and affect you. "A face shield is good against the really big stuff [particles] that you can kind of see,” says William Lindsley, a biomedical engineer for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. “But as the stuff gets smaller and smaller, it's just easy for that to go around the face shield and be inhaled."

His research found that face shields can reduce the chances of inhaling cough droplets from others by up to 96 percent. So yes, face shields are not proven to be as effective as cloth face coverings, but they still contribute to preventing infections.

For Some, Face Shields Are The Only Option

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other medical issues often shift to face shields because it allows them to breathe easier. People with glasses also prefer face shields because face cloth coverings tend to fog-up their glasses when they breathe, making it hard to see. Unfortunately, face shields don’t meet the specified criteria for face coverings in all states, so you’ll need to find out your local requirements before you decide to wear one in public without a cloth face coverings.

Tips for Shopping for the Best Face Shield 

If you're looking for face shields or other personal protective equipment, we've outlined a few key attributes you should look for in the best face shield:

  • Optically clear. Make sure the face shield is optically clear and doesn't create any visual obstructions.
  • Dustproof and windproof. Shop for face shields that are made with dust-resistant and wind-resistant materials.
  • Comfort. The best face shields have integrated comfort mechanisms such as foam headbands, vents for increased airflow, and skin-friendly materials.
  • No pressure on temples. Because the face shields are to be worn for extended periods of time, they should place no pressure on the temples.
  • Durability. Face shields are to be worn over and over, so it's critical high-quality materials are used to manufacture the PPE.
  • Adjustable. Because one-size-fits-all rarely works, it's vital for the user to be able to adjust the device to their specific needs.
  • Storable. If you're an employer or healthcare facility, it's critical the face shields are compact and easily storable.

Contact Frank Lowe for the Best Face Shields

Frank Lowe now manufactures high-quality, protective face shields that check all of the necessary boxes. Our optically clear face shields are durable, comfortable, easy to clean, and can be worn in practically every environment. Because of a unique design, our face shields fit comfortably over glasses, sunglasses, and safety goggles. And all of our face shields are manufactured in the USA at our state-of-the-art facility in Shirley, New York.

Contact Frank Lowe to learn more about our Face Shields or place an order directly from our online store today!

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