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Guide to Sanitizing & Decontaminating Uncoated & Coated Glass Surfaces

Glass is one of the world’s most attractive, illustrious, and desirable materials used across all industries. Glass is unique because it doesn’t absorb anything but will allow light to penetrate it while providing physical protection and separation. Because of these unique attributes, glass is used everywhere and for virtually anything, including sneeze guards, doors, wall […]

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How to Safely Transport Glass without Breaking the Bank or a Piece of Glass

Whether you’re a business, homeowner, do-it-yourself enthusiast, or a warehouse facility; you’ll eventually need to know how to safely transport glass. At first glance, the task  of safely transporting glass and glass products can seem overbearing and fraught with pitfalls. For the inexperienced, it may take several failed trials and attempts to find the perfect glass […]

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