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Top Residential Fenestration Industry Trends to Watch

While COVID-19 had a devastating impact across virtually every industry, the residential fenestration industry's outlook appears to be trending in the right direction. The residential fenestration industry — including windows doors and skylights —is being driven by consumer interest and a host of other factors. 

At Frank Lowe, we have been the premier provider of premium fenestration components and products for over 65 years. We offer a range of high-quality fenestration components for outdoor and indoor windows, skylights, curtain walls, doors, or virtually any other opening designed to provide passage or emit light from one space to another. Let's take a closer look at a few key residential fenestration industry trends. 

Consumer Preferences Drive Residential Fenestration Trends

Understanding residential fenestration trends start with key insights into the mindsets of homeowners. Today, more homeowners are simplifying their lives and homes while forging a deeper connection with nature and the environment.

Along the same lines, everyone is interested in more daylight. The emerging trend toward residential contemporary design dovetails with the desire for larger and more view-providing windows and doors with a minimalist perspective on obtrusive framing.

Because of this, many residential window retailers and manufacturers are seeing an uptick in requests for expansive, large door products, such as folding door products that work to erase the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. At the same time, homeowners are more accepting of patio doors, windows, and skylights in different areas of their homes. 

Increased Demand for Fenestration Products

According to the new 2021 Door and Window Industry Outlook from Key Media Research, the residential fenestration industry is prime for growth in demand. The report explains how the value of construction activity specific to fenestration in the residential industry continues to increase year over year — but at a slower pace than in previous years. 

New Single Family Home Starts

One of the key indicators of residential fenestration industry growth is new single-family home construction starts. And these numbers are continually on the rise. Every region in the U.S. has experienced annual increases in new single-family home construction starts for the majority of the last decade. Simultaneously, new multifamily housing unit construction starts have seemingly flattened over the last few years due to a significant post-recession surge in the early 2010s.

Residential Remodeling Activity 

Another key indicator of the residential fenestration industry is remodeling activity. And remodeling activity has consistently trended upward for most quarters since 2017 but is projected to continue through 2021 at a slightly slower rate. In addition, the average expenditure for window and door replacement remodeling projects has spiked over the last 20 years. 

Advancements In Fenestration Technology & Materials

As consumers require more in terms of fenestration size and style, the technology used to manufacture these windows and solutions has kept pace. Previously, builders could simply fill the opening. Today, however, homeowners require windows and doors that align with the holistic style of the home. 

Wood Fiber-Polymer Composites 

One trend is the use of wood fiber-polymer composites. These materials are excellent for delivering contemporary, clean, crisp lines that mirror the natural beauty of wood at a more attractive price point. 

Fiberglass Windows

The overall demand for fiberglass windows continues to surge thanks to the versatility and strength of the material. 

Vinyl Window Remain Popular 

Vinyl material remains popular due to the variety of options, limited maintenance requirements, and excellent energy efficiency. In fact, vinyl windows are commanding the lion's share of the market — at 53% market share among every type of window frame material. This is approximately two times that of wood.

Easier-to-Install Systems

Manufacturers are also working toward simplifying the installation of larger fenestration components. For example, the new Easy Connect Joining System by Anderson is designed around a unique “click to connect” system. It allows installers to attach more than one window unit together in a single rough opening while meeting other performance and structural requirements. 

Performance Remains a Key Focus for Residential Fenestration Industry

Based on the 2019 “What Homebuyers Really Want” report from the NAHB, energy efficiency remains high on the list of consumer demands. For example, 38% of homebuyers felt windows and doors certified by the EPA's Energy Star Program was a must-have; while 51% found it desirable.

At the same time, 62% want the low-emissivity-coated glass to bolster thermal efficiency; while 77% want triple-pane insulating glass to reduce home energy costs and use. As the desire for larger and more windows continues to grow, these key energy efficiency and performance trends are definitely ones to watch. Other performance trends include:

  • Modifications to improve indoor air quality, such as skylights,that can be automatically programmed to open multiple times of the day.
  • Integration of windows and smart blinds based on the desire to block or admit natural light.
  • Smart sensor technology designed to monitor humidity, carbon dioxide, and temperature levels in the home.

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