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How to Help Ensure Kids Keep Face Masks On?

As a parent or teacher, it's already hard enough to convince kids to keep their socks and shoes on. And now parents and teachers are belabored to complete the herculean task of helping ensure they keep face masks on. Fortunately, you aren't on your own. Frank Lowe now offers specialized ear savers designed to reduce friction behind the ear from long term wear of face masks. 

At the same time, ear savers are engineered to alleviate the pressure created from wearing face masks, which makes them more comfortable and feasible for all-day use. As an added bonus, ear savers can help prevent children from removing their face masks. Let's take a closer look at ear savers and how they can be used to help ensure kids keep face masks on. 

The CDC Suggests Kids Should Wear Face Masks 

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, schools across America are gearing up to adhere to guidelines and suggestions set forth by the Centers for Disease Control. In addition to hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, schools will teach and reinforce the use of face masks for teaching as well as students. However, face masks can post a unique set of challenges for children, especially younger children.   

Tips to Help Kids Get Used to Masks or Coverings

Cloth face coverings are designed to protect others in the event the wearer has been infected and isn't showing symptoms. Here are a few tips and best practices that can be used to help kids wear masks. 

  • Encourage kids to customize their masks. You can help generate a sense of ownership and help them feel more control by decorating their own mask. Personalizing the mask can help make it more of a normal part of their routine. Depending on the type of mask, kids can use markers, stickers, or even decorate with beads and other trinkets.
  • Practice makes perfect. For kids, it's important to give them practice time wearing the mask prior to them needing to wear it outside of the home. Parents can teach the child how to put them on as well as take it off.
  • Create face masks together. Creating masks at home is an excellent way to get kids involved in the process. Most cloth masks can be created with materials already laying around the house.
  • Make it fun. By introducing a sense of play, you can help improve the likelihood of the child wearing face masks. Kids can pretend to be a nurse or doctor while wearing the mask. They can even pretend to take care of a doll or stuffed animal.
  •  Build-in rewards and reinforcements. If you want your child to wear their mask, offering rewards and reinforcement is an excellent first step. Allow them to participate in a favorite activity when they are wearing a mask, such as going for a walk in the park or reading a favorite book.

When introducing face masks to your child, it's completely normal for them to react negatively. Most kids will cautiously react to things they don't feel familiar with, understand, or expect. It's best to let your child take their time to warm up to the face mask.  

Ear Savers Can Help Kids Keep Face Masks on

If you're looking to help your child keep their face mask on, our new ear savers may be the perfect solution. Designed to accommodate kids of all sizes, each ear saver features a design that has been reviewed by the FDA, VA, and NIH for clinical use. 

Ear savers are surgical mask tension release bands that offer extended ear comfort for the extended use of face masks. With an innovative design, the ear savers are enhanced by adjustable hooks that rest comfortably behind your child's head. 

This design prevents the elastic straps from resting on the child's ears, which may cause discomfort and lesions over extended wear. By increasing the comfort of wearing face masks, ear savers make it more likely your child will keep the face mask on. 

Ear Savers Can Increase Comfort & Protection

Regardless of age, face masks can fog up glasses, make it difficult to breathe, and cause painful lesions behind the wearer's ears. According to a study published in the journal Wound Management & Prevention in April, not only are the lesions created from extended wear painful — but the loss of facial skin can create additional points of entry for coronavirus. 

However, ear savers can help prevent the formation of lesions and completely eliminate the tension created by extended face mask wear. These versatile tension release bands can make wearing face masks less painful, more comfortable, and more likely for a child to wear. 

Contact Frank Lowe for Ear Savers

The back-to-school period is already tumultuous for parents, teachers, and everyone involved. This year, COVID-19 added an additional layer of uncertainty. However, if things go as planned and most school districts resume physical classes, students will more than likely be required to wear face masks in the classroom. While face masks may not be as big of a deal to older students, younger children present an entirely different scenario. 

Fortunately, Frank Lowe's new ear savers are designed to help make wearing face masks more feasible. Ear savers can be especially helpful for kids with smaller heads who may struggle with face masks. While nothing is 100% proven to ensure kids keep face masks on, ear savers can significantly improve comfort, which can make it more likely for them to wear them. 

Order from our online store or contact us today to learn more about our new ear savers for face masks!

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