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Go Green & Save Green When Shipping Architectural Materials

If you manufacture or ship architectural materials, components, or products, Frank Lowe's WOW Pads can offer your product the protection it needs and deserves. These mighty compressible pads are the ideal way to protect, separate, and transport any type of raw or powder-coated metal architectural component. Once applied, WOW Pads work to reduce slippage, dampen impacts, and prevent costly damages. Continue reading to learn more about Frank Lowe's WOW Pads 

Reduce Damage Products with WOW Pads

Our innovative WOW Pads are designed to outperform traditional packaging methods and deliver an excellent return on investment. In fact, WOW Pads can reduce overall shipping costs by decreasing the number of damaged products. These revolutionary pads boast remarkable compression and recoil and are engineered to create a protective barrier around your product, which results in: 

  • Reduced product damage such as scratches, chips or dents
  • Limited product slippage
  • Vibration dampening
  • The ability to take multiple impacts
  • Preventing rattling
  • More

WOW Pads Offer Tailored Protection

One of the biggest shortcomings of most packaging products is that they are designed based on the idea that one-size-fits-most. And if you've ever shipped anything, you know this notion rarely ever holds true. Instead of trying to force your tailor-made architectural component into a standard packaging solution, each WOW Pad is specifically engineered for your product. 

Our experienced engineers will get to know your product and the application. We will work closely to gather specific dimensions,weight and type of surface treatment. Based on the information provided, we'll suggest either our NeoRebond or White Polyfoam WOW Pads as well as the most ideal thickness that ensures bumps, bruises, impacts, and vibrations are absorbed. Then, we will die cut your WOW Pads in the most ideal shape to offer your product exceptional protection throughout shipping and storage. 

Go Green with WOW Pads

While traditional packaging solutions like cardboard, kraft paper, bulky foam rolls and bubble wrap all operate on the premise that more is better, WOW Pads are completely unique. When you use WOW Pads, you'll use exponentially less. By applying the pads in strategic locations, you'll ensure your architectural products will have ample protection. 

In addition, WOW Pads are the greener, more eco-friendly packaging solution for shipping finished architectural products. Our NeoRebond WOW Pads are manufactured from recycled materials and are made right here in the U.S.A. Whether you use NeoRebond or White Polyfoam, WOW Pads create substantially less waste when removed. This creates a win-win situation - superior protection for your product and a better end-user experience with less waste generated. 

Save on Shipping Costs with WOW Pads

As the costs for shipping continues to climb, savvy manufacturing firms and job shops are finding innovative ways to save. Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are the lean solution. Whether you use bubble wrap, cardboard, or kraft paper; the more space and weight you add to the package, the more expensive your shipping costs will be. And every ounce counts! 

Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are small, custom size die-cuts created based on the specific needs of your product. Instead of using cardboard, bulky foam rolls, bubble wrap, or other materials that offer subpar protection and add weight, WOW Pads will give your product the highest level of security and help you save on shipping charges.

WOW Pads Are Easy to Apply & Remove

Whether it's making several revolutions with bubble wrap around finished architectural products or handling bulky rolls of perforated foam, all of these solutions take time to use. This time can be better spent performing activities that drive profit.  

When you use WOW Pads to ship architectural parts and materials, you can save a substantial amount of time. Each pad is laminated with a highly-reliable, pressure-sensitive adhesive and protective backing. To use the WOW Pad, simply remove the protective backing and apply each pad to your product in strategic locations where finished parts can come into contact with one another. 

Without the need for tapes, heat, scissors, or other materials; applying WOW Pads are very similar but more secure than applying a Post-It Note. And when the end-user receives the finished product, the WOW Pad marvels by not damaging the product or leaving adhesive residue when removed. In addition, WOW Pads create a fraction of the waste generated by cardboard, bubble wrap, kraft paper, bulky foam rolls, or other methods of protective packaging. 

Protect Powder-Coated Architectural Product

Nowhere else are the benefits of architectural powder coating more prevalent than on the countless residential, industrial, commercial, government, and institutional buildings around the world. As the premier finish of choice for the architectural industry, powder coating helps increase the scratch resistance, resistance to chalking, durability, gloss retention, and weatherability. 

However, if these powder-coated metal components are damaged during shipping, many of these key benefits are negated. At the same time, damaged powder-coated architectural products will increase returns and can lead to the loss of valuable business. 

Instead of trusting the future of your business to subpar packaging materials, Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are proven to offer superior protection on powder-coated metals. In fact, WOW Pads were originally created to protect powder-coated and other surface treated metals throughout shipment, storage, and installation. 

Shipping Architectural Materials? Contact Frank Lowe

If you ship powder coated or surface-treated architectural materials, you owe it to yourself and your product to check out Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads. However, you don't have to take our word for it! 

Contact Frank Lowe today to request your FREE WOW Pad samples and a quote.

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