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Shipping Electrical Equipment? WOW Pads Achieve Shocking Performance!

Do you ship electrical equipment or components that are powder-coated or have another type of  surface treatment? If so, you know all too well about the costs of damaged products. Simply put, traditional packaging materials like cardboard, bubble wrap, kraft paper, and others are not up to the task. 

Instead of continuing to settle for subpar packaging materials, Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads deliver a shocking performance. Continue reading to learn more about why WOW Pads are the superior solution for shipping and storing electrical equipment or components. 

What Are WOW Pads? 

Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads are the premier way to protect your powder-coated, painted, or fragile electrical equipment throughout shipping and transportation. WOW Pads are a highly compressible and reliable solution that will give your product the protection it needs and your customers deserve. WOW Pads are currently made from two different types of material: 

  • NeoRebond Pads which are the more dense option of the two and typically used for heavier electrical components and equipment;
  • White Polyfoam Pads are less dense and commonly used for lighter weight electrical components.

Regardless of the material, each WOW Pad features a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to make the application a breeze. And when your customer removes them from the finished product, WOW Pads will not leave an adhesive residue or cause product damage. 

How Do WOW Pads Protect Electrical Equipment in Transport?

WOW Pads are powerful compression pads that work around the clock to protect your product. These small and mighty pads prevent rattling and shifting while absorbing multiple impacts that can lead to scratches, dents, chips, and other types of damage. A few key highlights of WOW Pads include:

  • Exceptional compression and recoil, which allows the pads to absorb impacts and bumps and still return to form.
  • Limits friction throughout transportation and shipping to protect your electrical equipment from damage.
  • Anti-Skid qualities help stabilize your electrical equipment or components.
  • Reduces shifts and twists during shipment, which can cause damage.
  • WOW Pads are not impacted by rain, snow, wind and other elements.

Tailored WOW Pads for Shipping Electrical Equipment  

When it comes to shipping electrical equipment, typical packaging solutions typically fall short and leave a lot to be desired. For instance, while bubble wrap may offer some level of protection, it's a one-hit-wonder — meaning it can rupture upon taking a single impact. Once the bubbles pop, your electrical equipment is left unprotected. 

At the same time, cardboard is very abrasive and can actually damage and scratch your finished products. And when cardboard gets wet, it's virtually useless. Most standard packaging solutions fail to understand the unique intricacies and dimensions of your electrical component. 

On the other hand, WOW Pads are tailor-made to the unique attributes of your product. Our engineers will work with you to better understand the application and size of the electrical equipment that needs to be protected. 

Once we have a clear understanding, we will guide you to the most suitable material and ideal size, including thickness. In either case, your WOW Pads will be specifically designed to protect your finished electrical equipment or components throughout storage and transportation. 

Save Time with the Easy Application of WOW Pads

As we previously mentioned, WOW Pads are extremely easy to apply. Each WOW Pad comes laminated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and protective paper backing. Unlike other protective solutions like cardboard or bubble wrap, you do not need tape, scissors, or anything else to apply WOW Pads. You just remove the protective backing and apply the WOW Pad directly to your product for ample protection. 

In addition to being easy for you, WOW Pads make life easier for your customer. All your customer needs to do is remove the pad from the finished product. When they do, WOW Pads will leave no adhesive residue or cause damage to the product. Best of all, they create minimal waste, so your customers will appreciate the added protection and reduced waste. 

Reduce Shipping Costs and Save Money on Shipping Electrical Equipment

If you're shipping electrical equipment, it's imperative for you to find ways to reduce shipping costs. Unfortunately, the traditional packaging materials are designed to add bulk and weight to your package, which can drive your shipping costs up. While it may seem like a cost of doing business, every ounce counts!

Frank Lowe's WOW Pads were originally designed with cost savings and ROI in mind. They are small and compact pads that are die cut to the specific needs of your product, which reduces the likelihood of you over packaging or underpacking your electrical equipment. 

With other packaging materials, more is better. But with WOW Pads, you can use a minimal number to give your product the highest level of protection. If you're looking to gain control over your shipping costs and reduce excessive waste, WOW Pads are tailormade for shipping electrical equipment in the most efficient manner possible. 

Contact Frank Lowe for WOW Pads

Since we've introduced WOW Pads, they have changed the way manufacturers and businesses ship powder-coated metals, fragile products, glass, and similar components. However, you don't have to take our word for it! We encourage you to reach out to the Frank Lowe team today to try WOW Pads for yourself. One caveat: be prepared to say WOW. 

Contact Frank Lowe today for FREE samples!

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