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Control Shipping Inventory Storage Costs Like a Pro with Wow Pads

When you think of creating efficiencies in your warehouse, reducing your shipping inventory storage costs should immediately come to mind. And if you're utilizing bulky shipping supplies, like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and reams of kraft paper, it's vital you consider the amount of space these materials are taking up. 

Fortunately, Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads are designed to help reduce shipping inventory storage costs in more ways than one. Let's take a closer look at these small, but mighty shipping pads poised to save you time, money, and space. 

How Much Are Shipping Supplies Costing You? 

Storing reams of kraft paper or bundles of bubble wrap can quickly eat up valuable warehouse floor space. Instead of being able to maximize the floor space by storing product, you're resigned to use it for shipping and packing supplies. For instance, styrofoam packing peanuts are shipped in large bags that can contain 20 cubic feet of this material. 

In the event you ship a substantial volume of products, you'll be required to house several packages of this material to avoid running out. While a seemingly necessary cost of doing business, these bags are dominating your precious warehouse space. And if you're using large rolls of bubble wrap, the outcome is the same. In either case, this can lead to major problems, especially for smaller warehouses. 

Control Shipping Inventory Storage Costs with WOW Pads

Wow Pads

Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads are engineered from Neo-Rebond or Polyethylene and will provide an additional level of protection throughout storage and shipping. WOW Pads work excellently on a range of products and especially excel in protecting easily-damageable items. These pads use specialized cushioning technology to absorb vibrations and mitigate slipping. At the same time, WOW Pads are proven to prevent rattling and twisting. 

Best of all, WOW Pads are small, easy to store, and extremely cost effective. Your employees will enjoy using WOW Pads because they save time and are available on rolls. To apply, your employees only need to peel and stick the WOW Pads to strategic points onto the products for ample protection throughout storage and shipping. You say goodbye to reams of paper, massive pallets of cardboard, and rolls of bubble wrap. Instead, WOW Pads are a space-saving, cost-effective way you can control inventory storage costs and reduce shipping supply costs all in one.

Reduce Shipping Inventory Costs in More Ways than One

Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are multi-purpose solutions designed to save you time, space, and reduce shipping inventory costs in more ways than one. Engineered from Neo-Rebond or polyethylene , WOW Pads are an anti-skid, compact, cushioning material that works to:

  1. Reduce shipping inventory costs;
  2. Securely separate your products during storage;
  3. Reduce the number of shipping supplies you're required to have on hand; and 
  4. Protect your products throughout shipping to prevent damage. 

Best of all, these fully-customizable, small squares will free up volumes of warehouse space in doing so. 

Operate More Efficiently with WOW Pads

Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are proven to help warehouses operate more efficiently by ensuring more space for storing products. Instead of having scraps of bubble wrap everywhere, Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are extremely neat and compact. 

Create a Safer, More Productive Environment

Your workers will spend substantially less time looking for packaging solutions and will be less likely to suffer injuries attempting to navigate around excess bulk bubble wrap, cumbersome peanuts, or other shipping supplies. 

WOW Pads are space-efficient shipping solutions that are exponentially easier to store and move. This way, your employees will spend less time dealing with incoming shipments of bubble wrap, storage peanuts, or other types of packaging materials

WOW Pads Take Infinitely Less Storage Space

Instead of wasting valuable floor space, you can make the switch to Frank Lowe's WOW Pads. These small and mighty squares will help free up warehouse space to ensure there is more space for storing products. For example, if you currently house bubble wrap, kraft paper, and or packing peanuts for shipping, you can significantly reduce the volume of shipping supplies on hand with WOW Pads. 

Stack Products Vertically or Horizontally and Create Space with WOW Pads

Wow Pads

When you use WOW Pads, you can save warehouse floor space by confidently stacking items or pallets of items vertically if needed. WOW Pads boast anti-slip characteristics, which means that once you stack one product onto another, you can rest assured it will not move. 

At the same time, these pads have exceptional compression and recoil. This means you'll have a soft, sturdy, and anti-slip cushioned barrier between your products, which can transform easily-scratched or easily-damaged products into stackable solutions.

Even if you produce relatively sensitive products like glass, mirrors, finished metal, paint-coated products, glazing products or any similar product; Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are proven to provide the protection you need to stack your products and save space. 

Contact Frank Lowe for WOW Pads

If you're currently using bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, kraft paper, cardboard, or chipboard, you owe it to your business to check out our WOW Pads. Contact Frank Lowe today to request your free WOW Pad sample.

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