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Where to Find the Best Balance Plugs for Windows?

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has been the leading provider of balance plugs for the fenestration industry. Our custom balance plugs are engineered to prevent air from flowing into the window balance track by effectively sealing the area around the balance. In addition, our balance plugs are proven to: 

  • Reduce condensation at the meeting rail,
  • Reduce wind noise,
  • Minimize negative air pressure, and
  • Prevent air from leaking around the sash and infiltrating the balance pocket.

We are home to an endless array of balance plugs for windows of any size that can accommodate any balance and window combination. Regardless of the application, the team at Frank Lowe can help. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common applications of our balance plugs 

Where to Find Balance Plugs for Block and Tackle Balances for Windows? 

The block and tackle balance for windows is the most popular type of window balance on the market today. Also called a channel balance, this type of balance functions by utilizing at least two pulleys that work with a cord and spring to reduce the amount of weight users experience when lifting the sash. 

Block and tackle balances are easy to identify because of the visible spring, which is located in the top section of the balance. When the sash is removed from the window, this section is easy to identify. 

Solid Balance Plug for Standard Mount Block and Tackle Balance

At Frank Lowe, we off custom balance plugs for windows with a block and tackle balance. For this standard mount application, a solid balance plug is placed above the balance.

Adhesive-Mounted Balance Plug for Inverted Mount

If the mount is inverted, we will typically suggest an adhesive-mounted block and tackle balance plug. The inverted balance plugs are attached to the sides of the balance and can be coated with a felt material. This innovative design allows the balance plug to effectively move within the track without increasing the amount of pressure required to open and close the sash. 

Where to Find Balance Plugs for Spiral Window Balances? 

Spiral window balances are also called tube balances. While these types of balances are much less common today, they are found in older homes. Spiral balances are named so because of the spiral rod that is situated on the interior of the tube, which is why they are also called tube balances. 

No matter the name used, the rod will be attached to a spring that supports the window. As a result, this design makes it easier to close and open the window. 

Balance Plugs with One or Two Holes in the Middle

For spiral balances, the balance plug is typically engineered with one hole in the middle for single balance systems. On the other hand, the balance plug can be designed with two holes for double balance systems. 

In either case, the balance is inserted in the hole. Then, the balance plug and balance are inserted back into the track prior to it being anchored. At Frank Lowe, we offer solid balance plugs that can be placed above the top balance anchor or below the shoe. 

Where to Find Balance Plugs for Constant Force Balances?

Constant force balances are also called coil balances. And this type of balance is usually found on modern windows. While both the block and tackle and constant force balance can be used on modern windows, they look very different. 

Constant force balances consist of a coil of metal that winds up when the window is opened and uncoils when the window is closed. This process helps minimize the amount of weight the user feels. 

Balance Plugs with a T-Slot Design

The majority of balance plugs for constant force balances will have a t-slot design. This t-slot design allows the plug to be securely positioned around the spring. 

The balance is then reinstalled into the track and secured. The team at Frank Lowe offers t-slot balance plugs that can be installed above the top anchor point or below the shoe. 

Frank Lowe Offers the Best Balance Plugs for All Window Sizes and Balance Systems

The Frank Lowe team offers a full catalog of balance plugs available in any size to accommodate any balance and window combination. For example, you can choose balance plugs with a single hole, dual-hole, off-center holes, and even no holes at all. 

Our custom balance plugs can be used in spiral balance systems, block and tackle balance systems, and constant force balance systems. And most importantly, our experienced fenestration experts offer expert guidance and assistance to help you choose the best balance plug for your applications. 

Contact Frank Lowe for Balance Plugs & Fenestration Solutions

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has helped businesses across all industries and markets explore, pursue, and create better solutions. As leaders in the fenestration industry, we offer a seemingly endless catalog of tailored fenestration products and solutions, including:

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn about our balance plug and fenestration solutions. 

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