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At Frank Lowe, we don't just manufacture; we collaborate with you, delivering tailored die-cut products with exceptional customer service.

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Our Services

Explore custom manufacturing services, die cutting, lamination services, and more at Frank Lowe. Contact us today to explore, pursue, and create.

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Explore custom foam die cutting, rubber die cutting, cork die cutting & sponge die cut services.

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distribution services

We offer customizable distribution services, like blind drop shipments, for custom manufacturing.

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lamination services

High quality custom lamination services for your application. Contact us for custom lamination consultation.

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fabrication services

Explore custom fabrication services including die cutting, slitting, laminating, part design, and more!

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slitting services

Your brand is your own story. Through brand strategy we craft experiences that help you.

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customer service

Learn How Our Customer Service Will Save Your Bottom Line!


Get What You Need, When You Need It!

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Explore, Pursue, Create, Partner

Together we will help you pursue greatness

The Team at Frank Lowe Specializes in Education & Offered Assistance at Every Step of the Way.

Today, they have become an Integral Part of What We Do.

Chuck Conto
Red Cat brands

Explore, Pursue, Create, Partner

Together we will help you pursue greatness

The team at Frank Lowe really feels like more of another division of my own company rather than just another vendor or service provider.

Guy Licata


Frank Lowe's adhesive-backed cork for coasters can transform how you do business. In addition to providing die cut cork in the exact size and thickness of your specifications, we can laminate the cork with our extra-durable adhesive to create an easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick backing. Available Kiss-Cut or Bulk Packaged.


The proper selection of glass separator pads could save you thousands in damage. We can help! We have been the GOTO supplier of Glass Separator Pads since the 1980u2019s with a vast array of material options in a multitude of thicknesses!


Stop air from infiltrating your balance pocket and leaking around the sash with chimney blocks from Frank Lowe!


Explore custom window products such as setting blocks, Separator pads, gaskets and many more products at Frank Lowe. Contact us for fenestration products today.nn




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