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Shipping Pads for Metal Finishing Products

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Our shipping separator pads for metal finishing products are the most effective and easiest to use type of protective packaging for preventing scratches, chips and dents in your powder coated, painted or raw metal products. Superior to kraft or cardboard. Available in custom shapes & sizes.

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Neo Rebond Material for Shipping Separator Pads

As an experienced custom manufacturer, Frank Lowe's shipping pads for metal finishing products are the ideal way to protect, separate, and transport fragile and/or powder coated, painted or raw metal components.

With our shipping separator pads, you can rest assured your product will arrive to its destination in the same shape it left your facility.

Instead of putting your innovation and hard work at risk, Frank Lowe's shipping pads for metal finishing products offer a cost-effective and flexible mode of protection.

Continue reading to learn more about how our shipping pads are custom made to protect metal finishing products that would otherwise be scratched, chipped or dented during packing, storage, shipping or installation.

Shipping Pads for Metal Finishing Products At-a-Glance

Frank Lowe's shipping separator pads work to protect a range of products, including anything from to powder coated fencing to painted aluminum shutters to raw steel window frames -- really, ANY metal finishing product that need to be separated during the packing, storage, shipping or installation stages.

These pads work to reduce slippage and reduce vibration whenever the products are moved.

Separator Pads to Protect Powder Coated Products

In short, you can protect your metal finishing products from shifting, rattling and impacts that can causing scratching, dents, chipping or other types of damage.

Neo-Rebond or Polyfoam adhesive backed pads have many advantages, including:

Surface Protection Pads - Close-up
  1. Easy and cost-effective way to protect painted metal, powder coated metal and raw metal products
  2. Die Cut on sheets or rolls for quick application
  3. Feature an adhesive backing to simply peel and stick!
  4. Available in many sizes including 1/8", 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” thickness from 3/4” x 3/4” squares and larger
  5. Great for all types of metal finishing products, including those with powder coated, painted or raw metal finishes
  6. Leaves no adhesive or residue
  7. Works on powder coated, painted or unpainted (raw) metals
  8. Not affected by rain or snow
  9. Non-abrasive unlike cardboard
  10. Fast turnaround times – usually ship in less than a week
  11. Neo-Rebond is recycled material & made in the USA

Protect Your Metal Finishing Components with Shipping Pads

Whether you're looking to protect your metal finishing components for packing, storage, shipping and installation, Frank Lowe's metal finishing shipping pads will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our shipping pads are excellent for separating metal products and providing protection from shifts during packaging, while in transport or at any other point.

Because we offer a variety of thicknesses, Frank Lowe's product engineers will work with you to carefully understand the needs of your metal finishing application. Then we will guide you to the best shipping pad thickness that will take multiple compressions or impacts and continue to provide protection.

Metal Finishing Shipping Pads Are Easy to Apply

Our shipping separator pads are easy to apply and come laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Unlike other types of adhesives, our pressure sensitive adhesive only requires pressure. Without the need for heat or other methods of application, you can simply apply it to your metal finishing product for protection. When you remove the pad from your product, our special adhesive will leave no residue or damage your powder coated product.

Die Cut or Kiss Cut Shipping Pads

Because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, Frank Lowe can die cut our metal finishing shipping pads in the most beneficial shape for your product and needs. You can choose between having your pads cut on a sheet or a roll, which can make application as simple as possible. We also offer kiss-cut shipping separator pads where the components are fully cut through, but the backing paper is left in tact.

When the adhesive backing is combined with kiss cutting, you can expedite the application of the pads onto your products' surfaces at key points of contact, with easy-to-use, peel-and-stick shipping pads.

How Do Our Metal Finishing Shipping Pads Compare to Corrugated Cardboard?

One common potential alternative to our shipping pads is corrugated cardboard. Unfortunately, corrugated packaging is abrasive and commonly damages metal finishing products during when it shifts or moves at any point along the way between packing through installation.

Our shipping separator pads for metal finishing products are non abrasive and perfect for protecting even the most vulnerable surfaces. In addition, our shipping pads are able to function properly in a range of environmental conditions. In contrast, whenever corrugated packaging gets wet, it loses the ability to provide any type of protection.

Contact Frank Lowe for Custom Shipping Pads for Metal Finishing Products

If you're looking for the best protective packaging for your powder coated products, Frank Lowe's metal finishing shipping pads offer unmatched abilities. Depending on the dimensions of the product you're protecting, we will suggest the appropriate pad thickness to protect your protect your product throughout packing, storage, shipping and installation stages.

Are You Using Separator Pads For Your Metal Finishing Product Application?