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WOW Pads Success Story

Frank Lowe: Elevating Powder Coating Protection with Durable WOW Pads

At Frank Lowe, we’re proud to provide innovative solutions that perfectly align with our customers’ specific needs. One of our customers, Dominic Dal Santo, recently shared the positive experience he had with our WOW Pads, particularly emphasizing their impact on his powder coating business. A Perfect Fit for Shipping Needs Dominic’s powder coating business required […]

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Frank Lowe’s Commitment to Excellence: Overcoming Hurdles with Storcks Designs

The path to excellence is often paved with challenges, and while Frank Lowe strives to provide unmatched quality and service every time, we understand that occasionally we might hit a bump in the road. However, it’s our unwavering commitment to rectify any issues and ensure client satisfaction that truly defines our brand. Storcks Designs, the […]

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Crafting Excellence with Frank Lowe: A West Coast Tale of Cork and Commitment

In the sprawling expanse of the West Coast, where creativity meets precision, a top-tier manufacturer of upscale home and office décor was gearing up to broaden its horizons. Their vision? To make products that meld aesthetics with functionality. But as is true in any odyssey of creation, they faced an obstacle: sourcing the right cork. […]

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Frank Lowe & Western Window Systems: Redefining Windows Beyond Glass and Frames

Unlocking Innovative Solutions Together Frank Lowe is not just a supplier; we are an extension of your team. Our ethos is about bringing to life innovative solutions for seemingly unsolvable challenges. A partnership with Western Window Systems is an emblematic example of our mission in action. A Window of Opportunity with Western Window Systems Kevin […]

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Stella Divina & Frank Lowe: Crafting More Than Just Coasters

Stella Divina: Art Meets Recycling Breathtaking vistas of the San Gabriel Mountains in San Bernardino County, California, are home to Stella Divina’s artisan workshop where discarded objects aren’t just recycled; they are reborn as meticulously crafted home decor. Among the array of artwork, their handcrafted coasters made from recycled tiles stand out, making waves with […]

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Total Structural Concepts & Frank Lowe: Crafting Customized Construction Solutions

For three decades, Total Structural Concepts has been a beacon of restoration excellence in New York City. Their diverse portfolio of services, which includes everything from masonry restoration to structural steel services, is a testament to their commitment to quality. But even giants in their field sometimes need a hand. And when they did, they […]

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The Frank Lowe and Reflexx Partnership: A Tale of Mutual Exploration, Pursuit, Creation & Partnership

Frank Lowe’s commitment to its clients is deeply rooted in a genuine desire to understand their unique challenges and visions. This foundational principle was clearly illustrated in our collaboration with Guy Licata from Reflexx. His journey with us paints a vivid picture of the spirit of “Explore, Pursue, Create & Partner.” Beginning with Exploration Guy […]

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Adapting to Serve You Better: Our Commitment to Tailored Solutions

At the heart of every successful business partnership is a willingness to adapt, to find solutions, and to understand the unique needs of each client. It’s one thing to have a stellar product or service, but it’s the flexibility and dedication to customization that truly sets a company apart. Here’s a testament to our dedication […]

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At Frank Lowe, Family Extends Beyond the Home

The corporate world often speaks of benchmarks, targets, and achievements. But at Frank Lowe, we believe the true metric of success lies in the bonds we forge, both externally with our valued clientele and internally with the individuals who breathe life into our operations every single day. Here’s a window into our ethos through the […]

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Discovering the

Discovering the “WOW” in Protection with Frank Lowe’s WOW Pads

In the world of manufacturing and shipping, the beauty of a finished product is often in its pristine condition. But ensuring that it remains unscathed during transit can be a mammoth task. That’s until I discovered the magic of Frank Lowe’s WOW Pads, and I’m here to tell you, they truly live up to their […]

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