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Clear Plastic Discs (Desk Buttons)

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Clear plastic discs, also known as desk buttons, are the most popular way to protect desk and table top surfaces. We are the reliable source for quick turnaround times and affordable pricing for your clear plastic discs needs.

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Clear plastic discs provide the quintessential protection for all surfaces, especially glass.

Multiple Desk Buttons

These non-adhesive protectors have many features, including:

Single Desk Button
  • Invisible – These anti-slip discs become almost invisible especially with glass.
  • Consistency – These are cut to precision for consistent sizes for all discs. Double roller polished, clear, pliant PVC.
  • Size Flexibility – Standard size measures 0.035” thick by 0.75” diameter; however other sizes and materials are available.
  • Protection – They help protect from scratches or damages especially with glass surfaces.
  • Cushion – Discs act as a cushion for surfaces and are easy to move around due to the fact they are non-adhesive.
  • Multi-use – not for use with just tabletops, but ideal for pedestals, furniture tops, tables and whatever else you want to protect using these clear plastic spacers.
  • Bulk Packed – 50,000 per box. Smaller quantities available upon request down to 10,000 pieces.
  • Samples – just give us a call and we’ll send you some!

Note: Due to chemical reaction of some furniture finishes and polishes, we do not guarantee discs against discoloration or deterioration. It is advisable to keep discs away from heat and intense sunlight.

This material is manufactured with UV resistant chemistry, one should not consider this protection to be absolute or effective in all conditions. UV Shelf Life is 1 year or 3-6 months in direct sunlight. Testing the application prior to use is recommended.

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