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Neo-Rebond Material Guide: Properties, Types & Applications

Neo-rebond foam or rebonded neoprene pads are versatile & flexible solutions for protecting fragile products. Read more about Frank Lowe's neo-rebond material.

Neo-rebond foam or rebonded neoprene pads are a highly versatile foam material used in a nearly endless array of industries. This reclaimed and rebonded foam material is extremely cost effective and eco-efficient solution.

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Since 1955, Frank Lowe has been partnering with businesses across all markets to produce state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing solutions. We offer dedicated industrial contract manufacturing teams who specialize in providing comprehensive services to a variety of markets.From best-in-class materials, customizable products, and a full suite of industrial manufacturing services, we provide whatever it takes to help your business met its objectives. Regardless of the technical or logistics demands of your project, we will work with you every step of the way providing customizable distribution services and support to ensure the contract die cutting is completed and delivered on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

With neo-rebond foam pads, significantly less energy is used in the manufacturing process as well as fewer raw materials than what would be used in the manufacturing of virgin materials. In either case, neo rebond is excellent for separating, protecting, and stacking products in a safe and efficient way.

Frank Lowe offers neo-rebond foam pads, rebonded neoprene foam on rolls and neo-rebond die cut to your exact specifications. All of our products come custom sized to your exact specifications or for the specific application. Even if you don't know which specifications are best, we'll work closely with you to guide you toward the best neo-rebond foam in the right thickness for your application. Continue reading to learn more about our neo-rebond. materials

Neo-Rebond Uses & Applications

Frank Lowe's neo-rebond foam is ideal for a myriad of different products and applications. We regularly create reliable neo-rebond surface protection pads and separator pads for securing products while in the warehouse and during transportation. Our neo-rebond material works to protect:

Neo-Rebond Material Characteristics

Neo-rebond is excellent for separating, protecting, and stacking products. This firm but flexible reclaimed foam material boasts the exceptional ability to absorb and dampen impacts at a remarkable level. As a result, neo-rebond material has been proven to be a reliable solution for several applications because of the following attributes

Ability to Perform Under Extreme Temperatures

Neo-rebond boasts the ability to perform under extreme temperatures. It is unaffected by snow, ice, water, etc., which means it will retain its ability to protect and separate products even if it gets wet.

This attribute also makes neo-rebond suitable for several outdoor applications. While neo-rebond is often compared with corrugated cardboard, the cardboard material becomes useless whenever it comes into contact with water or extreme moisture.

Neo-Rebond Is Cost Effective

Neo-rebond is manufactured from a reclaiming process, which makes it less costly than the virgin material. At the same time, it can deliver even more attractive attributes.

Anti-Skid Qualities

Neo-rebond is an advanced separator and protective material because it prevents objects from shifting, twisting, and moving during transportation. It has anti-skid qualities that allow it to hold objects in place throughout transportation, storage, and installation.

Shock Absorption

Neo-rebond has the ability to absorb shocks and dissipate the impact to prevent damage from happening on your product. This attribute further allows neo-rebond to protect products throughout shipping, storage, and installation.

Squeak- & Rattle-Reducing Qualities

Squeak is a friction-induced noise that happens whenever two surfaces rub together. Rattle is an impact-inducted phenomenon that happens when there is relative motion between two surfaces. Rattle usually occurs when overly flexible or loose elements are under force. Both squeak and rattle are common when transporting glass products, easily-scratched metals, etc. However, neo-rebonds has the ability to reduce squeak and rattle — offering an enhanced level of protection for your products.

Excellent Compressibility

Neo-rebond boasts an excellent level of compressibility, which means it's able to compress and return to form. However, neo-rebond's compressibility means its able to maintain integrity with a desired direct effect on shock, vibration, and noise mitigation

Made from Reclaimed Neoprene

In addition, this material is manufactured through the process of reclaiming neoprene. Because of this, whenever you use neo-rebond materials, you're supporting the creation of new jobs. Why? Recycling and reusing materials creates at least nine times more jobs than the use of landfills and incinerators.

Order Die Cut Rebonded Neoprene Pads

Frank Lowe offers die cut neo-rebond to meet your application needs. We can provide the material in sheets and cut to your exact specifications. Don't know which shape would be best for the application? Simply tell us your goals, and we'll guide you to the best shape and size to provide the best protection throughout shipping, storage, and installation.

We also offer neo-rebond material in different thicknesses based on the specifics and weight of the product you're looking to protect. We'll use our extensive neo-rebond knowledge to determine the best thickness to help your application achieve its goals.

And we can add a speciality adhesive to the back of the die cut rebonded neoprene pads to create an easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick solution. Best of all, when you remove the neo-rebond squares from your glass, finished metal, or other product; the squares will leave no residue.

Learn More About Neo-Rebond

Contact Frank Lowe for Custom, Die Cut Neo-Rebond Material

Regardless of the shape, thickness, or die cut of neo-rebond material — Frank Lowe will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Simply put, we're a cut above the rest and will always work to provide the most ideal solution.

When you partner with us, you'll instantly tap into more than 65 years of quality production experience. Our experienced technicians and product engineers will get to understand your application and guide you to the best solution. We’ll help you think outside of the box and create better!

Ready to get started? Contact Frank Lowe for hassle-free, no-obligation consultation. We can even supply sample materials as well as quick run prototyping that allows you to test any part or component.

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