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Metal Finishing

Frank Lowe offers decades of experience providing shipping & storage solutions for the metal finishing industry.

When it comes to protecting finished metal, there are hardly ever any one-size-fits-all solutions. The custom manufacturing experts at Frank Lowe offer decades of experience providing shipping and storage solutions for the metal finishing industry.

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has been partnering with businesses across all markets to produce state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing solutions. We offer dedicated industrial contract manufacturing teams who specialize in providing comprehensive services to a variety of markets.From best-in-class materials, customizable products, and a full suite of industrial manufacturing services, we provide whatever it takes to help your business met its objectives. Regardless of the technical or logistics demands of your project, we will work with you every step of the way providing customizable distribution services and support to ensure the contract die cutting is completed and delivered on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

We regularly provide protective solutions for polished metal, electroplated metal, powder-coated metal, and every other type of finished metal. Our experience allows us to provide you with complete end-to-end shipping and storage solutions for finished metal products. 

Metal finishing separator pads are excellent for providing protection throughout packing, shipping, storage, and installation. Although we offer a full range of different types of metal separator pads, we will work to understand your unique application needs and budget. Then our experts will suggest the most effective solution.

Metal Finishing Separator Pads

Our finished metal separator pads are highly versatile, non-abrasive separator pads that will add an enhanced level of protection to a range of finished metal products.

Metal finishing separator pads work to minimize the impact of vibrations, reduce shifts, and prevent slippage. We’ll help you choose the best thickness of metal separator pads to provide your products with the most suitable level of protection.

NeoRebond Metal Separator Pads for Metal Finishing

Our NeoRebond metal separator pads are made of a sponge-rubber-foam material that works to reduce slippage and absorb vibrations. In addition, NeoRebond pads will help prevent twisting and rattling during storage, shipping, and installation. You can choose NeoRebond metal separator pads with or without removable adhesive. In either case, this moderate density material can protect and separate easily-scratched finished metal.

Protective Packaging

Foam Protective Solutions for Finished Metal

Available in a large range of different thicknesses, foam metal separator pads are lighter density metal finishing pads. They are one of the more economical metal protective packaging solution. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your application goals and suggest the best thickness and size to help protect your finished metal throughout shipping and storage.

Die Cut or Kiss Cut Metal Finishing Protector Pads

Protective Packaging

When you decide which type of metal finishing pads are best — the experts at Frank Lowe will die cut it into the most beneficial shape. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide your metal separator pads on either a sheet or a roll to make application as effortless as possible.

We offer kiss-cut metal separator pads where the actual pads are entirely cut through, but the backing paper is left intact. Whenever you combine our kiss cutting with the adhesive backing, you can save time by expediting the application of the pads onto your finished metal products.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Backing for Metal Finishing Pads

Frank Lowe’s separator pads are easy to apply and feature a removable pressure sensitive adhesive that can easily be applied to the product through a peel-and-stick process. Best of all, whenever you remove the metal finishing separator pad from your polished metal, electroplated metal, powder-coated, or any other type of finished metal — it leaves no sticky adhesive residue or damage your product.

Learn More About Solutions for Metal Finishing

Contact Frank Lowe for Metal Finishing Separator Pads & Products

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has worked with metal finishing companies and fabricators of polishing brass, stainless steel, steel, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, antiqued nickel, weathered brass, antiqued gold, antiqued silver, and other metals. We offer the experience to provide solutions that protect your product and custom work throughout storage, shipping, and installation.

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn more about how we can help provide a solution.

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