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Discover how our customer service will save your
bottom line.

Our Customer Service Ensures You Get What You Need, When You Need It…


Get some insight from Randy Cohen, Senior Vice President of Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket, as he walks you through Customer Service and why it’s so important to Frank Lowe in our quest to continually make sure our customers “Get What They Need, When They Need It!”

Ensuring Customer Service

Kristin Shea, Frank Lowe’s Customer Support Specialist, is just one of our team ensuring our customers “Get What They Need, When They Need It!”

Everyone Jumps In!

If a customer calls and needs something there’s an immediate call to action. A complete team effort to make sure that customer is taken care of.

Our Culture Breeds Customer Service

Since 1955 our culture engrains that our customers “Get What They Need, When They Need It!”

Throughout Our History, Customer Service Remained Our Top Priority

Is it important that we’ve been in business for over 65 years? You bet it is! We have a proven track record of satisfying our customers with the utmost of care, customer service, quality & delivery.

Customer Service – It’s Not Just Something We Do, It’s Our Passion!

We have unparalleled passion for customer service – it’s a mantra for our organization and something that is rewarding for our entire team!

Explore, Pursue
& Create…

Learn how we Explore, Pursue and Create with our customers…as a partnership to achieve optimum results!

Learn How Our Customer Service Will Save Your Bottom Line!

Whether you currently work with us or not, it’s important to understand why customer service is extremely important to your bottom line.

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