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Foam Edge Protectors for Glass

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Prevent chips, cracks, and breakage and cut-down requests for remakes and returns with EPP foam edge protection for your glass.

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EPP Foam Edge Protectors for Insulated Glass Units

Pack IG units, glass and mirrors with U-channel edge foam - protects during storage, transportation, and even delivery. This straightforward packaging solution resolves a host of problems associated with getting glass products to your customers in the same condition they left your factory.

Packaging foam edge protectors shield vulnerable edges in the warehouse and on the truck as well as the hands of those engaged with the glass.

Why Use Packaging Foam for Glass Edge Protection

Moving glass products requires a high level of protection. You need a glass packaging solution that minimizes cost, maximizes protection, and doesn’t add extensive labor costs to apply the packaging.  Common packing materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap, and styrene sheets take time to use, add bulk, can be costly, and aren’t the best solution for storing and moving glass.

Frank Lowe EPP foam protectors protect edges and hands, making products easier to warehouse and move. With a “U-Shape-Channel” you will appreciate how well EPP foam edge snugs and protects the glass and how easy it is to remove during set-up. You get more protection with less product. You’ll love how easy it is to apply to perfectly fit the profile of your glass.  

Benefits of Foam Edge Protectors for Glass Products

Frank Lowe EPP foam edge protectors:

  • Easy to apply
  • Low-cost, simple solution
  • Reduce rejects and remaking of IG units or glass
  • Withstand multiple impacts
  • Cushion better than corrugated cardboard or styrene sheets 
  • Provide non-abrasive protection that will not mar glass surfaces
  • Continuous protection even if it gets wet
  • Flex to fit the product profile
  • Available in 300-foot coils packaged in polybags
  • 16 coils to a skid

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