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TEAM Member: Anton Fischer

Learn more about Frank Lowe's Estimator, Anton Fischer.

At Frank Lowe, we take great pride in our skilled customer-centric team.

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has been partnering with businesses across all markets to produce state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing solutions. We offer dedicated industrial contract manufacturing teams who specialize in providing comprehensive services to a variety of markets.From best-in-class materials, customizable products, and a full suite of industrial manufacturing services, we provide whatever it takes to help your business met its objectives. Regardless of the technical or logistics demands of your project, we will work with you every step of the way providing customizable distribution services and support to ensure the contract die cutting is completed and delivered on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

Anton Fischer


Anton Fischer

Introducing Anton Fischer, who joined Frank Lowe one and a half years ago as an Estimator, right after graduating from college. In his role, Anton is responsible for creating quotes and analyzing company-wide pricing to ensure consistency across time and product lines. He also acts as a liaison between the planning and execution stages, working closely with the plant manager to guarantee a smooth transition from concept to tangible product.

Anton finds the most rewarding aspect of his job to be the optimization and automation of tedious tasks. By continuously improving processes, he is able to enhance information, price, and product quality, benefiting both internal and external customers. This sense of accomplishment is achieved through both optimizing production and refining his own workflow and analysis.

To maintain strong client relationships and provide exceptional customer service, Anton often presents multiple production options for new opportunities, drawing on the expertise of his well-experienced coworkers. He also continuously develops tools to keep pricing and material information organized and readily available, ensuring quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

If he weren't in the manufacturing industry, Anton would likely pursue a career in analytics, as he enjoys solving abstract problems and writing programs to perform calculations. He appreciates the rapid advancements in analytics techniques and technologies, which inspire him to continually push the boundaries of his own knowledge.

Anton's favorite aspect of Frank Lowe's company culture is the friendly and drama-free environment, which fosters open communication and efficient problem-solving. To contribute to this culture, Anton shares tips and tools with his coworkers to help eliminate frustrating processes. By doing so, he helps to maintain an enjoyable, open office atmosphere where ideas and questions can flow freely.

Anton Fischer's dedication to continuous improvement, problem-solving, and strong client relationships make him a valuable member of the Frank Lowe team, while his contributions to the company culture further enhance the overall work environment.

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