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Protection Pads

Gain Superior Protection with Neo-rebond Adhesive-backed Surface Protection Pads

You've worked hard to create a product for your customer. Don't let less than stellar shipping and packaging solutions put your hard work and innovation at risk. With Frank Lowe's new neo-rebond adhesive-backed surface protector pads, you can rest assured your product will arrive at its destination in the same shape it left your facility.

These neo-rebond pads  are easy to apply and can be the ideal solution for protecting your fragile or painted products during storing as well as shipping. At Frank Lowe, we offer a full range of custom packaging solutions with a vast range of options. Our packaging experts will work closely with you to engineer and manufacture the ideal solution to protect your product throughout shipping, storage, and installation.

Continue reading to learn more about our new neo-rebond, adhesive-backed, neo-rebond separator pads.

Neo-Rebond Separator Pads Offer Versatile Protection

Frank Lowe's neo-rebond, adhesive-backed separator pads are the ideal solution for protecting a vast range of products, especially:

  1. Easily scratched metal

  2. Mirrors, glass, and glazing products

  3. Fragile glass products

  4. Paint-coated products

  5. And more

Our neo-rebond, pads will provide an added level of protection during shipping and storage of a myriad of damageable items. These pads work to absorb vibration and reduce slippage during shipping, packing, and installation. These highly-effective separator pads have been utilized to prevent rattling, twisting, and damage to pre-hung doors and windows during transportation.  

Surface Protector Pads Are Easy to Apply

One of the most attractive benefits of our neo-rebond pads is the ease of application. Similar to a peel-and-stick process, you simply remove the adhesive backed pad and apply it to your product for protection. And when you remove the neo-bond square from your product, our specialty adhesive leaves no residue.

Die Cut for Optimum Efficacy

In addition to being easy to apply, Frank Lowe will work with you to provide the most cost -efficient and effective solution based on your specific product and needs. Since our neo-rebond surface protector pads are offered in rolls, we can effectively die cut your pads to your exact specifications. We'll work closely with you to discover the optimum shape and size to provide the most protection for your product.

Different Thicknesses for Different Applications

Our neo-rebond pads are offered in a vast array of thicknesses. The experienced product engineers at Frank Lowe will work closely with you to understand your application needs. Then we will suggest the right thickness to protect your product throughout shipping and storage.

Corrugated Cardboard vs Neo-Rebond Squares

If you have a product that can be scratched, corrugated cardboard may not be the best solution. Most corrugated packaging is abrasive, which results in damage to your product during shipping and storage. However, our neo-rebond pads are non abrasive and can be used to protect even the most fragile products and applications.

Can Exist Under Extreme Temperatures

When corrugated gets wet, it will essentially become useless. However, neo-rebond pads can perform under extreme temperatures and is unaffected by rain snow and ice. And since our die cut rubber neo-rebond pads are denser than corrugated, it can take impacts and multiple compressions and continue to provide protection.

Help Create American Jobs

By choosing Frank Lowe's new protection pads, you'll help support American job creation. On one hand, our neo-rebond,  adhesive-backed pads are proudly made in the United States. In addition, these extra-durable and reliable pads are made from recycled materials, which is proven to create new jobs. For instance, explains:

  • Recycling and reusing creates a minimum of 9 times more jobs than incinerators and landfills.
  • A U.S. recycling rate of 75% by 2030 will generate an estimated 1.1 million new jobs.

Contact Frank Lowe for Neo-Rebond Surface Protection Pads

You've worked hard to create a component or product your customers appreciate. Trust the experts at Frank Lowe to help you explore, pursue, and create the best surface protection solution.

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has partnered with business across all industries to provide solutions that help manufacturers create more and better. We're a full service custom manufacturing firm offering an entire suite of services to help you move your product from conception through to completion:

Contact Frank Lowe today to explore, pursue, and create.

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