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Mario's Metalcraft

Case Study: Supplying Mario’s Metalcraft with the Ideal Protective Pad Solution

Mario’s Metalcraft specializes in fabrication and sandblasting services that include: Sand blasting Polishing Plating Powder coating CNC Plasma CuttingMario’s Metalcraft has been partnering with Frank Lowe for the greater part of 13 years to provide solutions to their customers. Recently, we sat down with Melanie Heinemann of Mario’s Metalcraft for a quick Q&A session to […]

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Anti-Skid Surfacing Materials

What to Look for in Anti-Skid Surfacing Materials?

While it may seem like an inconsequential decision, choosing the appropriate anti-skid surfacing material is vital. It can affect the performance of your application as well as the manufacturing of the product. To make matters even more confusing, not all anti-skid surfacing materials are created equally. However, the experts at Frank Lowe are here to help. […]

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Anti-Skid Rubber Uses

6 Anti-Skid Rubber Uses in Everyday Consumer Products

When it comes to creating or enhancing your products, anti-skid rubber has a seemingly endless number of uses. These essential components can be used to add a new dimension of functionality to your product or application. As an experienced custom manufacturer, the experts at Frank Lowe will work closely with you to help you explore, pursue, […]

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Anti-Slip Rubber Pads

Why Choose Anti-Slip Rubber Pads for Furniture?

When it comes to choosing the best anti-slip rubber pads for furniture, you are not alone. The experts at Frank Lowe offer several decades of experience helping business owners and manufacturers choose the ideal type of anti-slip rubber pads for furniture. We’ll first get to know your business, needs, and application. Then we’ll help you explore, […]

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6 Super Slick Ways to Use Anti Skid Products

At Frank Lowe, we pride ourselves in helping all of our customers Explore, Pursue, Create. Much more than a simple mantra, Explore, Pursue, Create explains our comprehensive approach to providing innovative solutions for existing and emerging problems. One of the simplest — but effective ways we regularly help our customers improve their products is with our […]

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6 Outstanding Uses for Anti-Skid Materials You’ve Never Considered

As the leading provider of anti-skid materials, Frank Lowe regularly creates die cut and adhesive laminated pads for a variety of applications. Since there are hardly ever any one-size-fits-all solutions, we’ll carefully listen to your application needs and suggest the optimum anti-skid material, such as: check Die cut foam anti-skid materials, check Die cut vinyl […]

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