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What Is the Best Material for Die Cut Orthotics?

If you’re looking for die cut orthotics, you don’t have a shortage of material options. And when you consider cushions, non-skid elements, padding, and top covers (like gels, foams, and laminates), it can be quite confusing.  However, the experts at Frank Lowe will carefully listen to your needs and guide you to the best solution. Since […]

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Medical Die Cutting

Meeting the Unique Demands for Medical Die Cutting

Throughout the industry, manufacturing firms rely on high-quality, compliant medical die cutting to push the limits of innovation. Pharmaceutical and medical industry manufacturers expect reliable die cut medical components that are durable as well as precise, which is exactly what Frank Lowe has consistently delivered.  Our cutting-edge processes and medical die cutting capabilities allow us to […]

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Total Structural Concepts Case Study

Total Structural Concepts Case Study: Custom Die Cut Construction Solutions

Since 1990, the experts at Total Structural Concepts have served the restoration needs of New York City. They boast the ability to perform difficult restorations and structural alterations to standing structures while working with management to meet the needs of owner and tenant requirements. As a masonry restoration and structural repair team, Total Structural Concepts  […]

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Fabrication Services

Frank Lowe Offers the Best Fabrication Services. Here’s Why…

For more than 60 years, Frank Lowe has provided a range of custom fabrication services for businesses across all industries. As the premier custom manufacturing partner, our comprehensive suite of custom fabrication services are designed to move your product or project from conception to completion. to learn more about some of the most […]

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Die Cut

Maintaining Die Cut Tolerances: A Straight-Forward Guide

Maintaining tight die cutting tolerances is imperative! However, holding tight die cutting tolerances can be a challenge when cutting flexible, soft, and thick materials. At Frank Lowe, we’re proud to be the leading die cutting and custom manufacturing firm. We use cutting-edge techniques and innovative equipment to maintain the tightest die cutting tolerances — even […]

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6 Attributes You Should Look for in a Custom Gasket Manufacturer

If your business needs gaskets for different manufacturing and/or machine maintenance functions on a regular basis, it’s imperative to choose a custom gasket manufacturer who can consistently meet your needs and exceed your expectations. While there are several custom gasket manufacturers out there who may have the equipment to create custom gaskets, not all manufacturers […]

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Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Gaskets Materials

While they are low cost and appear to be simple, the value of choosing the best gasket materials cannot be understated. Even so, gasket materials are often not reviewed until there is a problem or if there is a high-maintenance cost associated with servicing the gasket. In either case, the primary function of a gasket […]

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Rubber Gaskets

Put a Ring on It! The Types of Rubber Gaskets We Love

When it comes to the different types of rubber gaskets, it would be almost impossible to name every single elastomer and application. Simply put, rubber gaskets are one of the most popular and varied types of gaskets.  Rubber gaskets can be classified in a myriad of different ways, and one of the most common ways to […]

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How Are Gaskets Made? Read on to Find Out!

When it comes to how gaskets are made, several processes and fabrication techniques can be used. How do you know which manufacturing process is best for your gasket? The experts at Frank Lowe can help.  We’ll first help you select the best gasket material based on the environment and unique demands of the application. Then we’ll […]

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Die Cutting Techniques

Which Die Cutting Techniques Are the Best?

Are you looking for the best die cutting techniques for your component or application? When it comes to the best die cutting techniques, there are hardly ever any one-size fits-all solutions. Instead, the best die cutting technique will be relative to your project and the most important attributes.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. […]

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