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JAS Powder Coating Testimonial

How JAS Powder Coating Used Shipping Pads to Boost Their Business

Situated in the Sunshine State, JAS Powder Coating is one of the premier service provider of powder coating solutions in the Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida area. They provide metal finishing services to enhance, protect, and beautify a range of metal products. Recently, JAS Powder Coating partnered with Frank Lowe for our shipping pads. […]

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Frank Lowe Newsletter (May 2019): Insulated Glass Seal Pads & Chimney Blocks

At Frank Lowe, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with innovative, high-quality products.Our incredibly diverse and customizable fenestration products are perfect for nearly any residential, commercial, or architectural applications.Our setting blocks are available in a wide range of colors and materials and are the ideal solution for providing stress relief for installing insulated glass units […]

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Reduce Damaged Product Returns

Best Way to Reduce Damaged Product Returns

Are you concerned about the number of damaged product returns? If you have any level of quality control in your facility, your product has been inspected multiple times prior to leaving your facility. However, once it leaves your facility, it potentially passes through several different handlers and locations, which leaves more than enough room for […]

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Metal Finishing

What’s the Best Kraft Paper Alternative for Metal Finishing?

Are you looking for a viable, versatile, more reliable Kraft paper alternative for the metal finishing industry? If so, Frank Lowe’s metal finishing separator pads and finished metal shipping pads will meet the needs of your application and exceed your expectations. Our separator pads and shipping pads are the preferred protective solution for the shipping, […]

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Shipping Pads for Metal Finishing Products

What You Should Know About Shipping Pads for Metal Finishing Products

Frank Lowe offers a full selection of high-quality, reliable metal finishing shipping pads for polished metal, electroplated metal, powder-coated metal, and other finished metal products. In addition to providing protection throughout the transportation of finished metal, our metal finishing shipping pads are the perfect solution for protecting your products while in storage.  You can also […]

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Prevent Shipping Damaged

Prevent Shipping Damage to Metal Finishing Products

While metal may be tough and durable, it makes dollars and sense for metal working and finishing companies to know how to prevent shipping damage. Your employees spend hours carefully fabricating and creating raw metal products, powder-coated metal, and any other types of delicate finished metal products. Don’t flush your excellent craftsmanship and profits down […]

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Laser vs Rotary Die Cutting

Laser vs Rotary Die Cutting: Which Method Is Best?

When it comes to creating precise die cuts, two of the most popular methods are laser vs rotary die cutting. How do you know which option is best for your unique needs? Each type of die cutting method will have its own distinct benefits based on material, costs, and production size.  Fortunately, Frank Lowe is […]

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Die Cutting Machines

5 Most Popular Types of Die Cutting Machines

In its most elemental form, die cutting is the use of a die to make identical, repeated cuts from a material. While all die cutting has similar goals, the different types of die cutting machines can render very different results. As the best custom manufacturing partner, Frank Lowe offers a range of different die cutting […]

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Protective Packaging

Give Your Finished Metal Products the Best Protective Packaging

Ensure you maintain the integrity of your craftsmanship and metal working with a protective packaging solution that works. For nearly seven decades, Frank Lowe has partnered with metal finishing companies and fabricators to create highly-effective, application-specific protective packaging products, and we’ll do the same for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the […]

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Catalina Instruments

Catalina Instruments: Manufacturing Decades of Success

Catalina Instruments — an experienced machine shop that transforms specs from engineers into requested items — is a long-time preferred vendor for government agencies and contractors, such as Lockheed Martin. As a machine shop, Catalina Instruments use a range of tools and cutting tools to make highly-specialized parts.  We recently sat down with Catalina Instruments […]

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