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Die Cut Rubber Gasket

Putting Different Die Cut Rubber Gasket Characteristics to the Test

Die-cut rubber gaskets are used for a vast array of applications, especially sealing water. However, not all die-cut gaskets are created equally. When choosing the best die-cut gasket or seal, there are a number of different considerations that should be made. One of the top considerations is the type material and the characteristics it offers your […]

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The Fantastic 5 Hacks to Optimize Rubber Die Cutting & Manufacturing

Rubber die cutting is an exceptionally cost-effective and versatile way to shape, cut, and create products and components. With an endless scope of possibilities, die-cutting services can be used to create rubber seals, rubber gaskets, and other products. However, if you’re looking to die-cut rubber materials, there are certain tips and hacks that can save you […]

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Quick Guide to Rubber Extruded Gaskets

Rubber extruded gaskets, seals, and components are flexible, lightweight, long-lasting, and exceptionally durable. These parts are ideal for use in extreme and harsh environments, such as applications with significant chemical exposure or high-temperature environments.At Frank Lowe, we are a leading custom manufacturing partner. We pride ourselves in our unrivaled ability to solve complex challenges for […]

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Thermoplastic Rubber Anti-Skid Pads & Slip Mats for Record Player

Whether it’s a record player or any other type of musical product, Frank Lowe offers customizable thermoplastic anti-skid rubber feet and bumpers. Our anti-skid and non-skid pads can be die cut or kiss cut to the exact specifications for your application. In addition to anti-vibration rubber feet, we can also die cut rubber slip mats. Regardless […]

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Non-Skid Pads for Pet Beds, Pet Mats & Other Products

In 2019, a staggering $95.7 billion was spent on pet products across the United States. Whether it’s pet bowls, clothing, or premium pet beds – America loves their pets. And if you’re manufacturing pet beds or bowls, adding non-skid feet is a cost-effective, value-added solution that can help your product stand out in the crowded […]

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Thermoplastic Non-Skid Rubber Feet Pads for Tripods & Photo Equipment

Whether you manufacture tripods or any other type of photo equipment, Frank Lowe offers quality thermoplastic non-skid rubber feet and bumpers. Our rubber feet for tripods are formulated based on the application and offer a host of admirable qualities designed to improve the product. We produce non-skid rubber feet for all types of photo equipment and […]

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Give Your Furniture a Solid Footing with Reliable Thermoplastic Rubber

As a manufacturer of furniture, it’s important to find cost-efficient ways to improve your product without breaking the bank. And one of the key ways you can achieve this goal is by using thermoplastic rubber to give your furniture a solid footing. Whether you manufacture office furniture, end tables, ottomans, or any other type of furniture, […]

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Neoprene Pads

Gain the Advantage from Polyethylene & Self-Adhesive Neoprene Pads

If you’re looking for the best polyethylene pads or self-adhesive neo-rebond pads for shipping, Frank Lowe’s WOW Pads will meet your unique needs. Die cut to your exact specifications, polyethylene pads boast the qualities and attributes you need to protect your product throughout shipping and storage.  These small but mighty pads are uniquely engineered to withstand […]

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Rubber Gaskets

Put a Ring on It! The Types of Rubber Gaskets We Love

When it comes to the different types of rubber gaskets, it would be almost impossible to name every single elastomer and application. Simply put, rubber gaskets are one of the most popular and varied types of gaskets.  Rubber gaskets can be classified in a myriad of different ways, and one of the most common ways to […]

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Types of Rubber

Quick Guide to Different Types of Rubber Elastomers

While most people tend to think of natural rubber, there are several different types of rubber material, including synthetic rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, and more. Each type of rubber offers unique characteristics that can be utilized to enhance your product or application.The actual characteristics and properties the synthetic rubber material adopts will […]

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