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Where to Find the Best Balance Plugs for Windows?

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has been the leading provider of balance plugs for the fenestration industry. Our custom balance plugs are engineered to prevent air from flowing into the window balance track by effectively sealing the area around the balance. In addition, our balance plugs are proven to: Reduce condensation at the meeting rail,Reduce wind noise,Minimize […]

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Go Green & Save Green When Shipping Architectural Materials

If you manufacture or ship architectural materials, components, or products, Frank Lowe’s WOW Pads can offer your product the protection it needs and deserves. These mighty compressible pads are the ideal way to protect, separate, and transport any type of raw or powder-coated metal architectural component. Once applied, WOW Pads work to reduce slippage, dampen […]

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Smarter Packaging Solutions Lead to Happier Customers

We get it — everything you do in terms of packaging solutions is designed to protect your hard work and increase customer satisfaction. Failure to properly package a product — like finished metal products — would undoubtedly lead to costly damages, returns, and reduced customer satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to problems. As a result, it […]

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Closed Cell Sponge Material

Understanding Different Types of Closed Cell Sponge Material

At Frank Lowe, we are often asked about the different types of closed cell sponge material we offer. Because each material has a unique set of attributes, it’s important to have a general understanding of what the sponge material will offer your application. Fortunately, the experts at Frank Lowe offer decades of experience helping manufacturers […]

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Anti-Slip Mats

Five Reasons Why You Need Rubber Neoprene Pads

You name it — and the large, durable, weather-resistant, chemical traits of rubber neoprene pads can do it. Within the industry, our neoprene rubber pads are recognized as the Jack of All Trades — offering a quick and cost-effective pad to protect parts and much more. These pads are uniquely engineered for versatility and can be […]

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