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6 Surprisingly Clever Adhesive Backed Cork Uses

At Frank Lowe, we are proud to be the premier custom manufacturing partner across a range of industries. And one of the key solutions we offer is our wildly popular and versatile adhesive-backed cork

Our adhesive-backed cork boasts a full complement of uses and applications. This environmentally-friendly, versatile material can be used for arts and crafts, coaster backing, trivet backing, and so much more. 

Whether you already know the adhesive-backed cork application or are looking to Explore, Pursue, and Create something new, the team at Frank Lowe can help. As a thought-starter, we've outlined a few of the top adhesive-backed cork uses. 

Coaster Protector Pads Made Adhesive Backed Cork

One of the top and most commonly used applications of our adhesive-backed cork is for coaster backing. Our team will work with you to help you choose the best size and thickness based on your goals, budget, and application. 

We'll die cut the cork to make application to your decorative coaster as simple as peel and stick. Our adhesive-backed cork will create a permanent bond with a range of different types of coaster material, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Stone and slate tiles
  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • And more

It's simple — you tell us about your product, and we'll create the best adhesive-backed cork for your product

Adhesive Backed Cork for Heel Labels

If you manufacture shoes or specifically wooden clogs, our adhesive-backed cork is the perfect way to make your product stand out. On one hand, our cork labels boast an unmistakable appeal. 

At the same time, cork labels can be used to further reinforce brand messages or company values, such as eco friendly. In fact, cork labels are renewable resources that are much more eco-friendly than paper labels or other fabrics. 

Your clients will appreciate the attractive style, attention to detail, and dedication to protecting the environment. The team at Frank Lowe can die cut your adhesive-backed cork for heel labels in any size based on the unique needs of your shoes.

Cork/Cork-n-Rubber Washer

At Frank Lowe, we manufacture cork washers in a myriad of thicknesses and dimensions as bespoke parts or standard parts. Because of this versatility, they can be tailored to almost any application you have in mind. 

Cork washers boast remarkable physical properties and can be combined with different types of rubber to perform well for sealing in general machinery and presses. Our cork washers can be designed in the exact shape and tolerance your application requires. Regularly used on compressors or generators, our cork washers offer excellent solutions for anti-vibration issues and reverberations. 

In either case, cork has the ability to dampen noise levels and can be adapted to help seal around bolts, nuts, or feet. At the same time, our cork washers are ideal for sealing petrochemical environments. And our cork washers are available in a range of grades to meet the unique needs of your application. 

Adhesive Backed Cork for Children's Arts & Crafts

Whether you're looking for cork circles with adhesive backing, cork squares with adhesive backing, cork stars with adhesive backing, or any other shape for children's arts and crafts, Frank Lowe is your one-stop solution. Because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, all of our cork with adhesive backing is tailor-made for your specific arts and crafts project. 

Securing Children's Art with Cork Board

Another common use of adhesive-backed cork is to secure children's art or to make what is known as a corkboard. The team at Frank Lowe will help you choose the best cork thickness and will die cut it to the most ideal dimensions. With this option, you can add your own style and flair in the design around the border. 

Protector for Powder Coated Metals

Powder coating metals is a highly attractive way to improve the function and appearance of a product. While powder-coated metals do offer stunning appeal, these materials are susceptible to scratching, chipping, denting, and damaging easily. However, one proven way to protect these fragile metals is with cork pads. Cork boasts the ability to absorb vibrations, impacts, and more. 

A single inch of natural cork contains over 200 million minuscule air-filled pockets, which allows the material to exhibit elasticity, compressibility, and imperviousness to water penetration and air. 

These qualities and a host of anti-friction qualities make cork one of the most effective materials for protecting powder-coated metals. And the team at Frank Lowe can die cut your cork protectors for powder-coated metals in an array of shapes and thicknesses based on the unique needs of your application. 

Contact Frank Lowe for More Adhesive Backed Cork Uses

In addition to the previously mentioned adhesive-backed cork applications, we also help clients looking to protect ceramic coasters, trivets, and plant saucers. Our adhesive-backed cork can also be used to create anti-scratch Macbook and iPod stands as well as golf ball markers. 

In the end, there are countless applications for adhesive-backed cork, and the team at Frank Lowe can and will help you think outside the box to incorporate the countless benefits of cork into your product. We'll help you Explore, Pursue, and Create. 

Contact Frank Lowe today.

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