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5 Attributes You Should Always Demand in a Die Cutting Company

Choosing the best die cutting company is a big deal! These are the people who you'll trust to create parts and other essential components for your product or manufacturing firm. Although the decision may seem relatively cut and dry, it's important you take the proper steps to find a suitable die cutting company and partner. Make sure your die cutting company meets the following five must-have attributes.

Proven Industry Experience

Simply put, not all die cutting companies are cut from the same cloth. One of the first things you should consider is whether the company has experience with your type of project and industry. This is because every die cutting process has different requirements. Would you consider hiring an employee for a highly technical task who has never worked in the industry?  

Instead, it's best to choose a die cutting partner who offers experience within your industry. This company will best understand your product, the unspoken requirements, and any inherent safety concerns. This simple step can save you time, money, ensure the highest possible quality, and potentially avoid product failures.

When you choose to work with Frank Lowe, you’ll gain a partner with nearly 70 years of experience across a variety of industries, including:

We'll put our generations of experience, know-how, and technical savvy into each precise die cut we make.

Equipment & Facility

Can the potential die cutting firm produce large quantities of industrial gaskets with quick turnaround times? Does the potential company have the technology to support your manufacturing needs? Will the company customize your distribution and delivery options to meet your needs? Needless to say, the equipment, facilities, and capabilities of any die cutting company are paramount.

At Frank Lowe, we invest heavily in the most modern equipment and in our state-of-the-art facility. We witness the payoff of our investments each instance we're able to meet massive rush orders, provide computerized design assistance, or customize blind drop shipments for our clients. And we continue to stay on the forefront of change to meet the continually evolving manufacturing needs of our customers.

Financial Stability

In the process of searching for a die cutting company, you’re also looking for a partner. You deserve a partner who you can trust to protect your proprietary product information. You also deserve a partner who has proven their financial stability for decades. Unfortunately, not every die cutting company has the balance sheet or financial stability to do so.

Frank Lowe brings more than 60 years of financial sustainability and proven excellence. We’ll be there to support your growth, help you navigate through the tough times, and give you the competitive advantage to help you climb to the next level. Our financial stability and tenure means we've built valuable relationships with suppliers, so we’re able to quickly source quality materials and create exact die cuts to your exact specifications.


It’s never a bad idea to research any potential vendor you’re considering. In addition to researching the company’s online profile, you should ask for potential references who'll vouch for their dependability. And when you research Frank Lowe, you’ll find glowing reviews. We would also be more than happy to provide you with several references who can vouch for our quality, dependability, and flexibility to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Just as you research any potential employee, you should do the same with a potential die cutting partner.

Customer Service

A satisfied customer should stand at the heart of any die cutting or fabrication project. And at Frank Lowe, our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied. Because of this, we’ve built our brand on decades of craftsmanship, hard work, vision, and good old-fashioned customer service.

We’ve learned the best way to set our customers at ease is to continually and consistently outperform the competition on all facets of die cutting and fabrication — from start to finish. This is why we’re proud to say we’re simply a cut above the rest.

Explore, Pursue, Create with Frank Lowe

At Frank Lowe, we're not just a die cutting company — we are your partner. By partnering with us, you'll immediately gain access to more than 60 years of experience. While virtually anyone with the proper equipment can create a die cut, only Frank Lowe can help you explore, pursue and create:

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    Explore all of the possibilities and options for the best solution.
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    Pursue each viable avenue with cost/benefit and product impact analysis.
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    Create the best die cut to improve or enhance your original design or product.

As a full-service firm, we offer flexible, scalable, and comprehensive die cutting and custom manufacturing solutions.

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn more about our die cutting and custom manufacturing solutions. 

About the Author Randy Cohen

Since 2002, Randy Cohen has served as the Senior Vice President of Frank Lowe — leading Sales and Marketing as well as a variety of Administrative operations. Randy has 25 years of experience with a background in sales & marketing, production and business management, serving both government agencies and private industry. He holds a B.A from Syracuse University and a Masters and Professional Diploma from Fordham University. Randy uses his unique set of experiences to help businesses and entities across all sectors explore, pursue, and create better solutions.

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