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The 5 Benefits of Adhesive-Backed Cork You Should Know About

Cork has been used by man for over 5,000 years. There is a lot to like about cork. It is one of the most versatile natural materials used in manufacturing.

Since cork is lightweight, elastic, flexible, and impermeable to gases or liquids it finds its way into many finished consumer goods. However, getting the cork onto your product and keeping it there can be a challenge. That’s where adhesive-backed cork saves the day. It improves the quality of your product, can be applied to a wide range of materials, reduces time to process, and creates a finished surface that won’t mar, scratch or dent. 

It's everything you love about cork, but better. Read on to learn all the benefits of adhesive-backed cork.

5 Benefits of Adhesive-Backed Cork

1. Improve Your Finished Product

Adhesive-backed cork can be cut to your specifications. Kiss cut rolls provide the cork and adhesive cut to your shape and size specifications on a roll of quick-release paper. Alternatively, you can order adhesive-backed cork bolts in widths up to 54” and die-cut the material yourself.  

Either way, your cork fits perfectly with clean edges. 

Spray adhesives are messy and epoxies and hot glues ooze. There’s no extra clean-up with adhesive-backed cork. So, your finished product doesn’t require trimming or cleaning. 

2. Adheres to a Variety of Surfaces

Whether you add cork to ceramic, powder-coated metal, stone, stainless steel, or wood, the cork stays where you put it. The adhesive used by Frank Lowe creates a permanent bond ensuring the cork stays firmly in place. 

No matter your surface, simply make sure it is clean and dry before you apply the cork. Pressure rolling to remove air bubbles is optimal. 

3. Reduce Manufacturing Time

Using glue or other adhesives to attach your cork is messy and time-consuming. Adhesive back cork turns the process into a peel-and-stick.

Peel the paper backing from the cork and apply it to your product. Stop measuring and mixing epoxies, and waiting for glue to dry or other adhesives to cure. And because there’s no adhesive to clean up, once your cork is applied, the process is complete. 

You make more cleaner products in less time. 

4. Durable

Portuguese cork doesn’t absorb water, so your cork doesn’t swell. Adhesive-backed cork is perfect for making coasters and trivets. Neither steaming hot beverages nor icy-cold beverages nor foods will cause delamination.

Adhesive-backed cork is strong enough to stand up to daily use yet smooth enough to protect the furniture or other surfaces from scratches and water damage. Cork is anti-skid as well, so it keeps objects in place. 

5. Endless Applications

It doesn’t matter what you make, adhesive-backed cork makes it better. Apply to coasters, trivets, vases, desk accessories, ashtrays, jars, planters, and decorative urns and jugs. Add an anti-slip base to anything you make! Cork naturally has low thermal conductivity properties, so it protects against heat and cold. As an acoustic insulator, it excels, in keeping the clanking of stone, ceramic, or glass to a minimum. 

Explore and Pursue The Benefits of Adhesive Backed Cork

Are you ready to explore the benefits of adhesive-backed cork? Talk to Frank Lowe. Tell us all about your product and your process and we’ll help you find the right solution. Then, together we’ll pursue excellence in manufacturing. With Frank Lowe as your supplier, you’ll always have the adhesive-backed cork you need when you need it. Enjoy best-in-class adhesive-backed composition cork and world-class service when you work with Frank Lowe. Together, we create amazing things. 

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