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Neoprene Pads

Gain the Advantage from Polyethylene & Self-Adhesive Neoprene Pads

If you're looking for the best polyethylene pads or self-adhesive neo-rebond pads for shipping, Frank Lowe's WOW Pads will meet your unique needs. Die cut to your exact specifications, polyethylene pads boast the qualities and attributes you need to protect your product throughout shipping and storage. 

These small but mighty pads are uniquely engineered to withstand the bumps and bruises of transport. Both polyethylene and self-adhesive neo-rebond WOW Pads are excellent for separating products, protecting products, and even allowing you to stack products. 

Our WOW polyethylene pads and self-adhesive neo-rebond pads are designed to help you save time, money, and warehouse space. Let's take a closer look at how Frank Lowe's polyethylene pads and self-adhesive neoprene WOW Pads can help make a difference in your warehouse and shipping practices. 

Polyethylene Pads Deliver Superior Protection

As an extremely resilient material, polyethylene sponge boasts the ability to withstand compression and then return to its previous form. The whole while, polyethylene pads are able to deliver the cushioning and security whenever it's needed. Polyethylene is a suitable material for shipping and protection pads due to its ability to withstand a vast range of temperatures and can withstand snow, rain, and other elements. 

Because of these desirable attributes, polyethylene pads are commonly used in different outdoor applications. However, we chose to use polyethylene pads in our WOW Pads because you deserve a protective product you can depend on. In addition to the previously mentioned polyethylene characteristics, it boasts:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Excellent shock absorption qualities and vibration dampening
  • Water resistance
  • Odorless
  • Non-dusting material
  • Easy to die cut, shape, and size
  • Sound insulation properties
  • Resistance to rot, bacteria, and mildew

Simply put, polyethene WOW Pads are designed to offer the security and protection of your product needs and clients deserve.

Self-Adhesive Neoprene Pads Offer Exceptional Shock Absorption

Recognized as the industrial Jack of All Trades, neo-rebond pads are a cost-efficient and effective solution to protecting different products throughout shipping. 

The key reason we create self-adhesive neo-rebond pads is because of their outstanding dampening capabilities. In fact, we can die cut neo-rebond pads to help isolate noise as well as dampen vibrations. And the ability of the material to skillfully absorb shocks and dissipate vibrations can be directly attributed to its molecular structure. 

Once the vibrations pass through the WOW self-adhesive neo-rebond pads, the force and strength of the vibration is significantly reduced. Neoprene WOW Pads boast the unparalleled ability to absorb impacts, dampen shocks, and protect your products through shipping and installation. 

Save Time with Easy-to-Apply Polyethylene & Self-Adhesive Neo-Rebond Pads

In addition to being highly-effective solutions, polyethylene and neo-rebond WOW Pads are extremely easy to apply. All pads are laminated with a specialty adhesive on the back. While other products may require you to use special methods like heat to apply, WOW Pads only require pressure. 

This means you and your employees only need to remove the paper backing and apply it to the product at strategic points to provide optimum protection. Once you remove the neoprene or polyethylene WOW Pad from your product, the speciality adhesive doesn't leave any residue and will not damage your product — similar to a Post-It Note. 

Tailored Polyethylene & Neo-Rebond Pads

When it comes to protecting your product, you shouldn't settle for one-size-fits-all solutions that rarely work. Instead of rolling the dice or wasting money on over-engineered packaging, Frank Lowe will die cut your polyethylene pads or self-adhesive neo-rebond pads in the most effective thickness and shape for your specific product. We can provide your WOW Pads on either a roll or die cut on sheets, which can help make application as easy as possible. 

Should I Choose Polyethylene vs Self-Adhesive Neo-Rebond Pads?

The experienced team at Frank Lowe will work closely with you to understand your unique product and application. Then we can provide exclusive guidance and assistance in the selection of the best WOW Pad material. 

In fact, we offer varying levels of protection designed to meet the size, weight, and specifics of your application. While our polyethylene pads may be suitable for one application, we have found our self-adhesive neoprene pads to be the more effective solution for others. In either case, we will provide a tailored protective solution that will be engineered to reduce damaged products by: 

  • Reducing product slippage
  • Dampening impacts and vibrations
  • Absorbing several bumps and impacts
  • Minimizing and even prevent friction that may cause damage
  • Preventing transportation rattling that can cause damage
  • Separating sheets of delicate products or finished metal
  • Demonstrating reliable compression and recoil
  • Stabilizing your products throughout shipping, transportation, storage, and installation.

Contact Frank Lowe for the Best Polyethylene & Self-Adhesive Neo-Rebond Pads

At Frank Lowe, we are confident our new WOW Pads can help you save time, money, space and much more. However, you don't have to take our word for it! Reach out to us to request your free WOW Pad sample to experience this innovation for yourself.

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