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Prevent Shipping Damaged

Prevent Shipping Damage to Metal Finishing Products

While metal may be tough and durable, it makes dollars and sense for metal working and finishing companies to know how to prevent shipping damage. Your employees spend hours carefully fabricating and creating raw metal products, powder-coated metal, and any other types of delicate finished metal products. Don’t flush your excellent craftsmanship and profits down the toilet because of less than stellar packaging solutions.

At Frank Lowe, we’ll create a best-case packaging solution for your metal finishing products to show you how to effectively prevent shipping damage. Continue reading to learn a few ways you can avoid the costs of shipping damage and ensure your customers enjoy your craftsmanship and metal working.

How Can You Prevent Shipping Damage to Finished Metal Products?

At Frank Lowe, one of the most effective ways we prevent shipping damage is with our separator pads for metal finishing products. These pads work to reduce slippage and vibration throughout storage, shipping, and even installation. As soft, flexible, and versatile products, our metal finishing separator pads are uniquely engineered to prevent scratches, dents, chips, and other types of damage.

These metal finishing separator pads are the perfect solution for protecting raw metal components, painted metal components, powder coated metal components, and/or other fragile metal finishing products. When you partner with Frank Lowe for custom packaging solutions, you can rest assured your metal product will arrive at its final destination as intended.

Use Custom Fabricated Packaging Solutions

Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for preventing shipping damages. What works well for one product may be a total failure on a different sized product. As a result, Frank Lowe can die cut metal finishing separator pads as well as other custom packaging elements into the most effective shape for your shipping needs.

You can choose to receive your metal separator pads on a roll or a sheet — which can streamline and simplify application. We also offer kiss-cut metal separator pads where each pad is fully cut through with the backing paper left intact, so you can simply peel and stick the pads. Whatever your needs or installation preferences, we will create the best custom packaging solution to deliver the protection your metal finishing products deserve.

Consider More than One Finished Metal Shipping Option

At Frank Lowe, we take an infinite amount of pride in our ability to help our customers think outside of the box. In addition to our top-rated metal separator pads, we offer a full range of custom packaging solutions for powder coated metal, wet coated metal, raw metal products, and other fragile finished metal items. Some of the most common solutions we use in lieu or in addition to metal separator pads include:

Instead of trying to fit every metal finishing shipping need into a single box, we will work with you to create the most effective protective packaging solution.  

Why Choose Frank Lowe for Finished Shipping Solutions?

Your team of custom manufacturing experts at Frank Lowe will work with you to create a solution that virtually eliminates rattling and shifting throughout storage, transportation, and handling. We will also create shipping solutions that reduces impacts, which can cause dents, scratches, chips, and other types of damage. Whether you’re shipping powder coated metal, wet coated metal, raw metal products, painted metal, or any other fragile product — we will create a cost-effective solution to help prevent shipping damage.  

Contact Frank Lowe to Prevent Shipping Damage

When most people think of protective packaging products, they immediately think of foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and crumpled newspaper. While these may all be viable options, they are hardly ever the best stand-alone solution for the metal finishing industry. Since you’ve spent countless hours creating the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing metal finishing product, make sure it arrives to your customer as intended with a custom packaging solution from Frank Lowe.

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has created unique, one-of-a-kind solutions for the metal finishing companies. We take an infinite amount of pride in developing custom packaging solutions for metal products that are highly effective at preventing shipping damage.

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn how to prevent shipping damage to finished metal products.  

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