Give Your Finished Metal Products the Best Protective Packaging
Protective Packaging

Give Your Finished Metal Products the Best Protective Packaging

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Ensure you maintain the integrity of your craftsmanship and metal working with a protective packaging solution that works. For nearly seven decades, Frank Lowe has partnered with metal finishing companies and fabricators to create highly-effective, application-specific protective packaging products, and we’ll do the same for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common examples of protective packaging products used by leaders in the metal finishing industry.

Metal Finishing Separator Pads

Frank Lowe's die cut metal finishing separator pads will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. These versatile, non-abrasive separator pads are engineered to offer an added level of protection for any type of metal product. Preventing slippage, reducing shifts, and minimizing vibrations are a few ways these protective packaging pads work around-the-clock to protect your product and add value.

Available in a myriad of different thicknesses, we can die cut your separator pads to provide the ideal level of protection. Our seasoned product engineers will work to understand your needs and guide you to the protective packaging your craftsmanship deserves.

High Density FLowe Magic Metal Finishing Separator Pads

Do you believe in magic? If not, prepare to be amazed with our revolutionary magic separator pads! FLowe Magic Pads are made from a dense vinyl material. Known for versatility and exceptional compressibility, FLowe Magic Pads feature a magic bite on the back, which eliminates the possibility of leaving adhesive residue behind on your product. Frank Lowe will die cut or kiss cut your Magic separator pads to your exact specifications.

Moderate Density NeoRebond Metal Separator Pads

Our NeoRebond metal separator pads are offered in standard thicknesses of 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”. It’s a moderate-density material commonly used to separate and protect easily scratched metal.

This rubber foam material works to absorb vibrations, reduce slippage, while preventing rattling, twisting and damage during shipping, storage, and installation. We’ll help you choose the best thickness for the application and can die cut our NeoRebond squares to offer the best level of protection to your metal.  These pads are available with and without removable adhesive.

Cork Protective Packaging Solutions for Metal

Cork is a highly-versatile, natural material boasting a full spectrum of qualities — making it an excellent protective packaging solution for metals. Available in a seemingly endless range of thicknesses, cork has the ability to absorb vibrations and dampen your metal throughout its storage and transport journey. We can die cut our cork metal separator pads as well as add both static backing or pressure sensitive removable adhesive.  

Felt Protective Packaging Solutions for Metal

Felt is a soft and pliable material that is a highly-effective way of protecting finished metal sheets and products. When used as a metal spacer, felt separator pads can be die cut into any shape or size based on the weight and specifications of your metal protection application. However, we generally suggest felt metal separator pads for lighter sheets of metal or lighter metal products. We offer these pads with or without removable adhesive.

Foam Protective Packaging Products for Metals

Foam is a lighter density product available in a long range of thicknesses. If you’re looking for an exceptionally economical metal protective packaging solution, our die cut white polyfoam material is the standard and may be your best alternative with or without removable adhesive.

How to Choose the Best Protective Metal Packaging Solution?

At Frank Lowe, we’ve worked with metal finishing companies and fabricators since 1955. In addition to the examples of protective packaging listed above, we offer padded divider sets and several other solutions.

We bring nearly seven decades of experience creating highly-effective and efficient metal packaging solutions. Because there are hardly ever any one-size-fits-all solutions, our sales engineers will carefully listen to your needs and help you Explore, Pursue, and Create the best packaging solution for your product.

Contact Frank Lowe to Explore, Pursue, and Create the best metal protective packaging solution.

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