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Medical Die Cutting

Meeting the Unique Demands for Medical Die Cutting

Throughout the industry, manufacturing firms rely on high-quality, compliant medical die cutting to push the limits of innovation. Pharmaceutical and medical industry manufacturers expect reliable die cut medical components that are durable as well as precise, which is exactly what Frank Lowe has consistently delivered. 

Our cutting-edge processes and medical die cutting capabilities allow us to produce virtually any component from vast catalog of nonmetallic materials. While many of our industry clients turn to us for medical die cut components that will be assembled into medical equipment and other finished products, we also offer die cut medical components that are finished products and ready to be shipped directly to the customer

The experts at Frank Lowe offer experience in a range of different fabrication services, including lamination, slitting and medical die cutting for the tightest of tolerances or most complex medical products. Whether you need a single prototype die cut medical components or a high-volume run, Frank Lowe has the scale, specialty, and expertise to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  Let’s take a closer look at how Frank Lowe continues to meet the unique needs of this highly regulated and specialized industry. 

Guidance on Materials Selection for Medical Die Cutting

Within the industry, there are a vast range of different materials that may be utilized in the manufacturing of medical devices. While the undoubted trend is toward the use of polyolefin, we also regularly create die cut medical components from:

In either case, every material will offer a unique set of characteristics that may or may not be suitable to the finished application. Fortunately, the pros at Frank Lowe offer years of experience assisting manufacturers choose the most suitable material. We’ll listen to your medical device goals and needs to suggest the most suitable, cost-effective, and reliable material. Through our consultative process, we’re often able to make design or component enhancements, such as the use of anti-slip materials to increase stability. 

Guidance on Adhesive Selection for Medical Device Manufacturing 

In addition to characteristics, each material will offer a unique set of challenges and should always be carefully matched with the right adhesive. For instance, “non-stick” low surface energy (LSE) plastic elastomers — like polypropylene and polyethylene — will almost always necessitate the utilization of innovative adhesives designed to quickly establish bonds between the surfaces. 

The most common types of adhesives used in medical device component die cutting, slitting, and lamination include:

  • Silicones
  • Acrylics
  • Styrene block copolymers
  • Cyanoacrylates
  • Epoxies

Depending on the total picture, these adhesives may be required in unique formulations based on the application. At Frank Lowe, we are proud to be your one-stop solution for medical device die cutting and custom manufacturing. 

We have access to a seemingly endless range of adhesive manufacturers, which has proven to be detrimental in the die cutting and manufacturing of medical device components. Best of all, you’ll only deal with the people you know and have established a relationship with at Frank Lowe. Simply put, we’ll do the legwork, so you can focus on other pressing matters. 

Expertise Creating Die Cut Medical Device Components & Parts

The importance of working with an experienced medical device component manufacturer is vital. We offer a full range of custom fabrication capabilities as well as state-of-the-art die cutting equipment, including 

  • Press types of die cutting capabilities
  • Kiss cutting capabilities
  • Flatbed die cutting capabilities
  • Rotary types of die cutting capabilities.Laser types of die cutting capabilities
  • And more

Dedicated Medical Die Cutting Team 

Anytime your specifications are unique to your success, the dedicated medical die cutting team at Frank Lowe can help. This high-functioning team of medical device manufacturing experts are committed to delivering unparalleled medical die cut components and medical device manufacturing solutions. 

We pride ourselves in utilizing equipment backed by our decades of ingenuity. For instance, while other medical device manufacturers may leave the web scraps in place after a die cut has been made, we always offer web scrap or slug removal. This simple step can help save you time and money. 

Instead of simply taking orders and producing, we will work to provide solutions that make a difference and equal cost savings. By functioning as an extended arm of your team, we work to create relationships that last and are mutually beneficial. 

Contact Frank Lowe for Medical Die Cutting Solutions

Our ability to offer guidance through the entire process includes meeting tight die cutting tolerances, offering materials selection advice, and helping you identify the best adhesive for your application. From start to finish, we’ll make it a seamless experience and work to guide you to the best solution. 

Contact Frank Lowe today.

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