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Opening the Crystal Windows & Doors to a Successful Partnership

For more than 25 years, Crystal Window & Door Systems has partnered with professional architects, developers, designers, and government officials to engineer Energy Star Communities featuring the highest-quality window management solutions.

As a true American Dream, Crystal Window and Door Systems started with humble beginnings — with the founder working out of his garage as a small “mom and pop business.” Today, it has grown to be a multi-million dollar, industry leader and employer of hundreds, boasting world-class manufacturing facilities spanning across:

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Queens, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois; and
  • Riverside, California  

Crystal Window & Door Systems provide an array of energy-efficient, high-performance fenestration products distributed across 35 different states.

Recently, we sat down with the Purchasing Manager for Crystal Window & Door Systems to get a better understanding of their partnership with Frank Lowe. Continue reading to learn the secrets to opening the windows and doors of a successful partnership.

Unimpeachable Products Deserve Unimpeachable Partners

One of the reasons Crystal Window & Door Systems has been so successful is their unwavering dedication to quality and details. In fact, they’re one of the few manufacturers who insulate their own glass while extruding their own vinyl and aluminum.

By keeping as many manufacturing processes in house as possible, Crystal Window & Door Systems maintains a tight lid on quality control, which allows them to deliver unimpeachable products.

It should come as no surprise Crystal Window & Door Systems demand the same attention to detail and unimpeachable quality in a custom manufacturing partner — which is exactly what they receive with Frank Lowe.

Our multi-level quality control ensures everything is accurate and precise prior to it leaving our facility. This attention to detail results in improved production speed and cost savings.

“With Frank Lowe, we don’t need to follow up on our orders because they arrive on time. Most importantly, I never have to trace the materials because we know Frank Lowe’s quality is very good. This saves us time, money, and headaches."

Unique Needs Require Custom Solutions

As the leader in custom fenestration products, Frank Lowe has been in business since 1955. One thing we’ve learned is there are hardly ever any one-size-fits-all solutions. Just as you can’t fit a square peg into a circle, each product we create for Crystal Window & Door Systems has been tailored to meet their specific product — with regards to their dedication to Energy Star standards. Tsai continues:

“We’ve become a leader within our industry by providing unique fenestration products.  Needless to say, no other product is identical to ours in the industry. So, when we order custom foam pads, custom gaskets, and custom setting blocks from Frank Lowe, our components are all specialized to meet our needs and our product initiatives.”

How Does Frank Lowe Help with New Product Creation?

For more than 65 years, we’ve partnered with companies and offered valuable insight at all phases of production, especially in the design phase. Crystal's purchasing manager discusses how we help Crystal Window and Door Systems in the development of new products.

“Anytime we want to develop a new product, we always include Frank Lowe in the discussion. They provide valuable feedback. And once we enter the prototype phase, Frank Lowe will design samples and send them to us, which helps expedite testing.

If we need to adjust the sample, we let Frank Lowe know and they provide fast and effective solutions to accommodate our needs. With hardly ever any delays, they're always quick to react — often just as excited about the new product as we are. Most importantly, they go above and beyond by providing suggestions to make improvements wherever possible. We find this to be very helpful.”  

Scalable & Flexible, Forward-Thinking Solutions

While many custom manufacturers require a business to have minimum orders before providing service, we’re different at Frank Lowe. Instead, we work with companies of all sizes. It’s simple, we look past the numbers and the balance sheet to focus on the engine driving the company — the people. We see it as an investment into the future, which is exactly what we saw when we started working with Crystal Window and Door Systems about 20 years ago.

"We’ve been doing business with them for almost 20 years. They’ve been with us through our periods of growth and continued to provide flexible solutions with scale. As we have grown, Frank Lowe has been there to provide us with the solutions to support our growth."

Excellence Starts & Ends with Customer Service

At Frank Lowe, we have an unwavering commitment to customer service. And we don’t just talk the talk, we walk it! How? One way is by empowering everyone within our organization to own their relationships. Instead of having strict and rigid guidelines, we hire people who we trust and know will do the right thing all the time — even if no one is looking.

“In particular, our customer service rep Cindi is very proactive. Anytime we send a P.O., she replies with a confirmation within 24 hours – usually within hours. If there is any type of delay, Cindi lets us know immediately. And when we need to rush something, they can typically get it to use in less than a week.”  

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn why we’re simply a cut above the rest.

About the Author Randy Cohen

Since 2002, Randy Cohen has served as the Senior Vice President of Frank Lowe — leading Sales and Marketing as well as a variety of Administrative operations. Randy has 25 years of experience with a background in sales & marketing, production and business management, serving both government agencies and private industry. He holds a B.A from Syracuse University and a Masters and Professional Diploma from Fordham University. Randy uses his unique set of experiences to help businesses and entities across all sectors explore, pursue, and create better solutions.

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