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An Informative Guide to Silicone Gaskets

Silicone rubber gaskets are an extremely versatile, flexible, and high-performance seal. As a result of these admirable qualities, silicone gaskets are used across an array of applications.

At Frank Lowe, we offer die cut silicone rubber gaskets designed to improve your process and/or application. Let's take a closer look at silicone gaskets.

What Are Silicone Rubber Gaskets?

Silicone rubber gaskets are high-performance mechanical seals with exceptional resistance to extremely high (500 degrees F) and low temperatures (-100 degrees F). While resistant to a wide range of extreme temperatures, it's not resistant to superheated steam. 

At the same time, silicone rubber gaskets boast the ability to resist degradation and aging from ozone and sunlight, which makes them ideal for outdoor applications. These gaskets are regularly used in applications to prevent leaks between different substrates. 

Being an inert material, silicone gaskets do not generally react to many chemicals, which makes them applicable for industrial and medical applications. At Frank Lowe, we offer the equipment and expertise to manufacture standard silicone gaskets as well as custom sizes. 

Key Attributes of Silicone Gaskets

As we previously mentioned, silicone gaskets boast a range of different attributes that make them perfect for a number of applications. Some of these top attributes are listed below. 

Excellent Resistance to Temperature &  Weathering

Whether it's ozone, extreme temperatures, or weathering elements, silicone gaskets are up to the task. Because of the material's unique ability to resist weathering, silicone gaskets are often used in outdoor applications. 

Silicone Gaskets Are Shrink Proof

Silicone gaskets have stellar compression set, tear strength, elongation, and tensile strength. With a long service life and all-around versatility, silicone gaskets are great for a large variety of applications.

Flame Retardant Capabilities 

Silicone rubber gaskets can be compounded to demonstrate flame retardant qualities. These types of materials are used in telecommunications equipment, analytical instrumentation, and more. 

Silicone Gaskets Boast Remarkable Flexibility

Unlike other elastomers, silicone has low-temperature flexibility. This means it doesn't crack or freeze at very low temperatures. 

Silicone Is Resistant to Water

With the ability to seal and resist water, silicone doesn't break down or give out when exposed to water.

Silicone Gaskets Are Resistant to Elements

Silicone has the ability to resist many of the elements that occur externally. These elements include fungal growth, fire, chemicals, heat, ozone, aging, and more.

Types of Silicone Gasket Materials 

At Frank Lowe, we die cut and manufacture silicone gaskets for an array of applications. When you partner with us, we will automatically guide you to the best type of silicone gasket material for your applications.

In general, there are three different basic types of silicone gasket materials:

  • Solid silicone gaskets
  • Sponge silicone gaskets
  • Foam silicone gaskets

Let's look closer at each type of silicone gasket material. 

Solid Silicone Gasket

Solid silicone gaskets feature a tightly packed molecular structure. While solid silicone gaskets are not always "soft”, they can have a lower hardness or durometer compared to sponge silicone. 

Solid silicone gaskets that have a lower durometer profile offer excellent environmental sealing properties with lower closure force. On the other hand, solid silicone gaskets with a higher durometer may require more closure force.  

Sponge Silicone Gaskets

Sponge silicone gaskets are designed with a cellular structure that offers more padding and cushioning. The two different types of sponge silicone gaskets are:

  1. Closed-cell silicone gaskets feature pockets that are filled with gas. This helps prevent substances from passing at lower pressures.
  2. Open-cell silicone gaskets have interconnected pockets that allow chemicals, air, and water to pass as long as the gasket isn't compressed. 

Foam Silicone Gaskets

Foam silicone gaskets are offered in different grades with varying firmness based on the specific application’s compressibility requirements. These types of silicone gaskets also offer enhanced flame resistance as well. Silicone foam gaskets are similar to sponge — but have smooth skin. 

Die Cut Silicone Gaskets

If you're looking for the best die-cut silicone gaskets, components, or parts, Frank Lowe will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At our state-of-the-art facility, we employ world-class die-cutting equipment and processes to efficiently deliver precise cuts based on your specifications. 

How to Choose the Best Gasket Material?

When it comes to choosing the best gasket material for your application, there are a number of different options, including:

  • Temperature considerations
  • Ozone and UV
  • Pressure
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Media considerations
  • And more

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone! The expert engineers at Frank Lowe will help you confidently make the best decision.

Contact Frank Lowe for Silicone Gaskets

When you need silicone gaskets, the team at Frank Lowe can help. Even if you don't know the exact specifications, we can lend our expert design assistance to ensure we provide the most ideal solution. 

Contact Frank Lowe today for silicone gaskets and more.

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