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Thermoplastic Non-Skid Rubber Feet Pads for Tripods & Photo Equipment

Whether you manufacture tripods or any other type of photo equipment, Frank Lowe offers quality thermoplastic non-skid rubber feet and bumpers. Our rubber feet for tripods are formulated based on the application and offer a host of admirable qualities designed to improve the product. 

We produce non-skid rubber feet for all types of photo equipment and will work with you to meet your unique needs. Continue reading to learn more about thermoplastic non-skid rubber pads for tripods and how Frank Lowe can help.

Why Is Thermoplastic Rubber Used as Rubber Feet for Photo Equipment?

Commonly called Volextra, thermoplastic rubber is the product of an innovative manufacturing process. Essentially, it's created by solid plastic being permanently melted to establish a bond to foam. These compounds can be formulated with an array of polymers based on the unique needs of your application. 

At Frank Lowe, we are a leading supplier of thermoplastic rubber in a vast range of configurations. Our compounds can be tailored to deliver the stabile characteristics tripods and other types of photo equipment require: 

  • The non-skid nature of thermoplastic rubber feet offers an added level of security for tripods against slippage.
  • With a versatile coating resin of HDPE, EVA, LLDPE, PP, LDPE, TPR, or TPE; our thermoplastic rubber feet are suitable for tripods used both indoor and outdoor.
  • We can tailor your thermoplastic rubber feet to meet your unique needs, spanning from 1/32 inch Volara to 1/4 inch Volara.
  • We can create tripod rubber feet in a wide selection of variations and textures through embossing pattern options and composite options.

Non-Skid Rubber Feet for All Types of Tripods & Photo Equipment

While often overlooked, non-skid rubber feet are a critical component of a functioning tripod or other type of photo equipment. The tripod must provide the photographer with a secure surface, so they can capture the desired photograph. For example, photographers using the classic three-way head must be able to confidently tilt and move it into the desired angle. And if the tripod doesn't have sure footing, the equipment would be virtually useless. At Frank Lowe, we offer customizable non-skid rubber feet for all types of tripods, including:

  • Thermoplastic rubber feet for pocket tripods. These tripods usually measure less than five inches collapsed and are used to support relatively compact digital cameras or smartphones. 
  • Anti-skid rubber feet for tabletop tripods. These tripods are light, small, and easy to pack, but are designed to sit on a table and usually can hold a camera no more than 12 inches off the ground.
  • Non-skid rubber feet for travel tripods. Travel tripods are used for compact cameras, are designed to quickly collapse, and must be easy to carry.
  • Thermoplastic rubber bumpers for medium-duty tripods. As the solution between heavyweight studio tripods and lightweight portable tripods, medium-duty tripods are heavier and sturdier. Because they are expected to be more stable, it's important the non-skid feet are up to the task.
  • Durable non-skid pads for sturdy-duty/studio tripods. As the name suggests, these are the heaviest and largest tripods. Because they usually are fitted with a specialized head and can handle large-format cameras, it's critical the rubber feet selected can provide the support and stabilization required.
  • Non-skid rubber feet for monopods. Many photographers will utilize a monopod in the studio because they eliminate camera shake without limiting movement. With a single leg, having the right thermoplastic non-skid rubber pad is of the highest level of importance.

Which Thermoplastic Anti-Skid Rubber Feet Are Best for Each Type of Tripod?

Considering the vast number of elastomers and materials available, choosing the right non-skid rubber pad for a tripod can seem confusing. Fortunately, the team at Frank Lowe can help. We'll get to know your application needs and goals to suggest the best thermoplastic non-skid rubber pad. Some of the most common attributes of our non-skid rubber feet for tripods and photo equipment includes:

  • Easy Peel-and-Stick Application. Frank Lowe's non-skid pads for tripods are extremely easy and hassle-free to apply. Simply remove the protective backing and apply each pad to the tripod. No need for heat or any other adhesive material. By applying pressure, our non-skid pads will immediately form a lasting bond on different types of surfaces.
  • Die Cut Thermoplastic Rubber Bumpers. Because we are a full-service custom manufacturer, we offer design assistance and will die cut the non-skid rubber feet to your exact specifications. We can die cut thermoplastic rubber bumpers into virtually any shape or size based on your requirements.
  • Kiss Cut Anti-Skid Tripod Pads. Another option is to have your anti-skid pads kiss cut on a roll. With kiss cutting, the thermoplastic rubber pad is completely cut through but the paper backing is left intact. This allows you to quickly peel and stick the pads to the bottom of the tripod or photograph equipment with the highest level of efficiency.

Best of all, you don't have to be a materials expert or specialist. Instead, simply tell us your application and requirements — we'll provide the solution.

Contact Frank Lowe for Non-Skid Rubber Pads and Feet for Tripods & Other Photography Equipment

If you're looking for the best non-skid rubber pads or feet for tripods and other types of photo equipment, Frank Lowe can help. For over 60 years we've partnered with businesses across all industries to provide time-saving and money-saving solutions. As a versatile custom manufacturing partner, we can meet orders of all sizes. And we always take a consultative approach, which can help create process efficiencies along the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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