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Where to Find the Best Setting Blocks?

At Frank Lowe, we engineer and manufacture a variety of high-quality neoprene setting blocks, PVC Setting Blocks and Silicone Setting Blocks for the glass, window, and fenestration industry. Each setting block is tested, tried, and proven to deliver, support for the glass, withstand vibration, minimize uneven surfaces, provide cushion, absorb shocks, and enhance the protection of the glass unit.

At Frank Lowe, we offer several decades of experience serving the fenestration and glass industry. During our tenure, we have manufactured neoprene setting blocks, PVC Setting Blocks and Silicone Setting Blocks, and a wealth of other premium fenestration products and solutions. 

In addition to the fast and efficient manufacturing of glass setting blocks, neoprene setting blocks, PVC Setting Blocks and Silicone Setting Blocks, clear plastic blocks, and more — we go above and beyond to consult and guide our clients to the best, most cost-effective solution. To do so, we will conduct an in-depth needs analysis to understand your unique needs. 

We are proud to be the premier, reliable source of affordable setting blocks for glass leveling and dampening vibrations. Read more about choosing the best neoprene blocks, PVC Setting Blocks and Silicone Setting Blocks for your glass and glazing application and how the team at Frank Lowe can help.

Find the Best Setting Blocks for Glass at Frank Lowe

The setting block is used under the insulating glass in a window. And one of the most popular materials used to manufacture glass setting blocks is neoprene.

Like other types of materials, neoprene setting blocks are relatively simple components that protect the insulated glass from water and can help it withstand vibration. The setting block also protects the Insulated Glass Unit from the effects of contraction and expansion caused by temperature changes. 

Common Types of Setting Blocks

Our setting blocks prevent the glass from breaking while maintaining the integrity of the glazing bead. Depending on the dimensions of the glass, performance environment, and other attributes, we will typically suggest specific types of setting blocks:

  • Neoprene setting blocks for glass
  • Silicone setting blocks for glass
  • Color coated flexible PVC glass setting blocks

Glass Setting Blocks with Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

In either case, our glass getting block materials are available in various thicknesses from 1/32” to 5/8” and almost any width or length. You can also opt for glass setting blocks that are bulk packed or kiss cut on rolls with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive

Get Custom Setting Blocks for Glass

At Frank Lowe, we offer a variety of custom glass setting blocks that can be designed in a multitude of forms to best meet the needs of your application. They span from common rectangular designs to highly-complex designs in most instances, we'll work with you to design your setting block to fit your channel.

We take an infinite amount of pride in our ability to deliver precise blocks for your needs. No matter the shape, width, or thickness, our glass setting blocks are designed to fit perfectly within the channel to withstand vibration and offer superior protection.

How to Choose the Best Setting Blocks for Glass?

Consider the Length and Dimensions of the Glass

The actual length and dimensions of your neoprene setting blocks should be calculated to align with the length and width of your insulated glass unit as well as the weight. As you can imagine, larger window panes will require more or longer sizes of setting blocks.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Glass Setting Block Hardness

When choosing the best rubber setting blocks for your window or glazing application, it's imperative to select the optimum hardness and size. Failure to do so could result in a setting block not engineered to withstand vibration or provide sufficient cushion.

Proper Setting Block Placement Is Paramount

Simultaneously, the proper placement of the glass setting block in the channel is critical to any quality installation. This helps ensure the full bearing of the glass while allowing water passage to the weep holes. It also helps ensure the setting black can adequately withstand vibration and perform as designed.

Frank Lowe Offers Clear Plastic Setting Block 

If you're looking for the best solution when leveling and setting glass or mirrors with an aesthetically-pleasing clear block, Frank Lowe's clear plastic setting blocks confidently check all of the boxes. A few key attributes of our clear plastic setting blocks include:

Versatile for Different Glass Applications

Clear plastic setting blocks are commonly used for different applications. Examples include sliding track "H-bar", "U" heavy glass shower channel, and "J" mirror channel.

Transparent and Virtually Invisible

Clear setting blocks are transparent and fit neatly within channels, which makes them virtually invisible. This stylish and sleek attribute makes them the perfect solution where aesthetics are key.

Perfect for Aesthetic Applications

Ideal for leveling applications where fixed screws and similar tools are to be avoided.

Available in Different Size Dimensions

We offer our customers clear setting blocks in different size dimensions to meet even the most challenging request.

Learn more about our clear plastic setting blocks. 

Contact Frank Lowe for the Premier Neoprene Blocks and Setting Blocks

When it comes to finding the best setting blocks the team at Frank Lowe can help. Our custom setting blocks are engineered to withstand shocks and fit perfectly within the channels. 

To ensure we provide the best solution and meet your unique application needs, our seasoned product engineers will carefully review all dimensions and application requirements.

Once the parameters are determined, we will engineer the most ideal glass setting blocks to provide the cushion and performance desired. All of our manufacturing capabilities are backed by several decades of providing custom supplies and solutions to businesses within the industry.

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn more about our popular setting blocks, silicone setting blocks, PVC Setting Blocks and clear setting blocks, as well as other fenestration products.

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