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Thermoplastic Rubber Anti-Skid Pads & Slip Mats for Record Player

Whether it's a record player or any other type of musical product, Frank Lowe offers customizable thermoplastic anti-skid rubber feet and bumpers. Our anti-skid and non-skid pads can be die cut or kiss cut to the exact specifications for your application. In addition to anti-vibration rubber feet, we can also die cut rubber slip mats.

Regardless of your requirements, the team at Frank Lowe offer the expertise and materials specialization to help. From start to finish, we will work to understand your needs and guide you to the best solution. Read on to learn more about our thermoplastic rubber anti-vibration slipmats and anti-skid feet for record players.

Why is Thermoplastic Rubber Used on Record Players? 

Also known as Volextra, thermoplastic rubber is a highly-versatile and attractive material made through an innovative manufacturing technique where solid plastic is permanently melted to foam to establish a bond. Due to the manufacturing, thermoplastic rubber can be formulated with an array of polymers. Our thermoplastic rubber has proven to be the ideal material for record player rubber feet as well as slip mats

  • The anti-skid nature of thermoplastic rubber bumpers and feet offers an added level of security for record players against slippage.
  • We can use different coatings to tweak the performance characteristics of your feet based on your unique needs. We offer versatile coating resins of HDPE, EVA, LLDPE, PP, LDPE, TPR, and TPE.
  • Our thermoplastic record player feet and slip mats are available in a myriad of thicknesses and shapes, spanning from 1/32 inch Volara to 1/4 inch Volara.
  • We can create record player rubber feet and anti-vibration slipmats in a wide selection of variations and textures through embossing pattern and composite options.

Why Choose Thermoplastic Rubber for Anti-Skid Record Player Feet & Slip Mats?

The Frank Lowe team will help you find the most ideal thermoplastic rubber material for your application. Offering the best of both worlds, our anti-skid, anti-vibration thermoplastic pads boast exceptional functionality and style. A few key reasons why thermoplastic rubber is the perfect solution for record player feet and slip mats is because it boasts:

  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Soft and conformability
  • Increased tensile modulus
  • Decreased MVTR
  • Increased coefficient of friction
  • Lightweight and flexible

Custom Non-Skid, Anti-Vibration Feet and Slip Mats for Record Players

When it comes to finding the best non-skid feet and slip mats for record players, the team at Frank Lowe can help. As a full-service custom manufacturer, we can help you move your project from conception to completion. Whether it's design assistance or prototyping, we offer the tools and expertise to help. We'll carefully listen to your application needs and requirements. Then, we can suggest the most ideal types of non-skid, anti-vibration thermoplastic rubber. 

Once we help you choose the most ideal material, we will die-cut and customize your record player feet or slip mats to the exact specifications of the application. 

  • Die Cut Thermoplastic Rubber Record Player Feet and Slip Mats.  We will use our state-of-the-art equipment to die cut the rubber into precise shapes.
  • Easy Peel-and-Stick Record Player Feet. Frank Lowe's non-skid pads for record players are extremely easy to apply when paired with our speciality adhesive. Simply remove the protective backing and apply it to the bottom of the record player with pressure. Once applied, our non-skid, anti-vibration pads will immediately form a lasting bond.
  • Kiss Cut Anti-Vibration Record Player Feet. Another option is to have your anti-skid record player pads kiss cut on a roll. With kiss cutting, the rubber material is entirely cut through, while the paper backing remains intact. This allows you to quickly peel and stick the pads to the bottom of record players with the highest level of efficiency.

Contact Frank Lowe Today for Anti-Vibration, Anti-Skid Record Player Feet & Pads

For over 65 years, Frank Lowe has partnered with manufacturers and businesses across different industries. We offer a full range of custom manufacturing solutions designed to help those we serve explore, pursue, and create. 

Contact Frank Lowe today to learn how we can help.

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