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Frank Lowe Offers Jamb Plugs & Other Fenestration Components

If you're looking for the top jamb plugs and other fenestration components, the team at Frank Lowe can and will help. We are home to an extensive inventory of custom jamb plugs that can be tailored to your unique needs. 

In addition to custom jamb plugs, we offer an array of fenestration solutions for windows, doors, and more. At Frank Lowe, we are proud to be the one-stop shop for custom fenestration components and products. Let's take a closer look at our custom jamb plugs and other key fenestration components. 

Jamb Plugs for Any Size and Window & Balance Combination

Whether it's for a block and tackle window balance, spiral window balance, constant force window balance, or any other combination, the team at Frank Lowe offers the perfect jamb plug for the application. Our custom jamb plugs are tailored to meet the unique needs of your window. 

  • Available with a single hole, dual-hole, off-center holes, and no holes.
  • Used with block and tackle, spiral and constant force balance systems.
  • Available in custom sizes and can accommodate any window and balanced combination.

We offer jamb plugs for windows of all sizes and have the expertise to help you find the best solution. No matter the window or fenestration application, our chimney blocks are engineered to: 

  • Reduce negative air pressure
  • Reduce wind noise
  • Reduce condensation at the meeting rail
  • Stop air from infiltrating the balance pocket and leaking around the sash

Learn more about our custom jamb plugs

Custom Setting Blocks 

Frank Lowe offers custom fenestration setting blocks manufactured from a range of materials, including:

  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Color coded flexible PVC
  • And more

Our setting blocks are available in a vast array of thicknesses spanning from 1/16" up to 5/8" and in virtually any length and width. The seasoned team of fenestration experts at Frank Lowe will work closely with you to help you choose the most ideal setting block based on your unique application. In addition to choosing setting blocks with or without adhesive, you can also have your setting blocks supplied:

  • Break cut
  • Kiss cut on rolls
  • Bulk pack

Learn more about our custom setting blocks.

Muntin Bumpers

Our muntin bumpers are engineered to minimize rattling on the interior muntin bar when opening and closing the window. Muntin bumpers are the perfect solution to remedy rattling muntin bumpers. Manufactured from top-quality polyurethane, our muntin bumpers are: 

  • Designed to prevent scratching, chipping, and cracking by stabilizing muntins between the panes.
  • Designed to provide superior shock dampening and vibration reduction.
  • Supplied kiss-cut on sheets for quick and easy application.

Contact us today to learn more about muntin bumpers

Prevent Bugs, Wind, and Dirt with Reticulated Foam Weep Baffle 

Our reticulated foam weep baffle is the perfect way to prevent air, bugs, and dirt from entering. While it allows water to exit the window system, the reticulated foam weep baffle works to eliminate clogging for free airflow. We can customize the reticulated weep foam baffle for any window design or size. And this material is extremely easy to place into the profile. 

  • Various PPI (pores per inch) available to match design requirements
  • Available with or without adhesive
  • Final product supplied bulk packed

Sill Pad Air Dam

Looking for a cost-effective way to prevent air from coming through the balance pocket? Frank Lowe's innovative sill pad air dam is designed for both single-hung and double-hung windows. Perfect for both aluminum and vinyl windows, our sill pad air dam also works on unpainted or painted windows. In either case, applying is easy and will never leave any residue or adhesive. Our sill pad air dams are highly effective at preventing:

  • Air coming through the balance pocket
  • Whistling noises
  • Winter condensation from freezing on glass
  • Dirt buildup collecting on the lock rail

Best of all, they work perfectly no matter what balance system you are using:

  • Constant Force
  • Spiral 
  • Block and Tackle
  • Works with all sill systems — pocket or sloped sills

When you apply the sill pad air dam, you'll never need to perform a lock rail adjustment because each pad is engineered with cutting-edge foam technology that quickly compresses and bounces back. You can opt for sill pad air dams in white, black, with or without adhesives, and in a vast array of custom sizes. 

Learn more about Frank Lowe's sill pad air dams

Custom Accessory Gaskets for Windows and Doors 

When it comes to gaskets for windows and doors, Frank Lowe will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer hardware gaskets that are available in standard as well as custom designs. Although many of our accessory gaskets are crafted from polyethylene, we can customize your gaskets from several other materials. Other customization options include:

  • With or without adhesive
  • In gray, black, white, or tan to match windows 

And when we ship the final product to you, it's supplied kiss cut on rolls with the web scrap already removed. Our ability to go further and do more leads to faster and easier application in your assembly or manufacturing process. We also offer accessory gaskets bulk packed for easier kitting projects. Need prototypes for design? Simply let us know, so we can help. 

Learn more about our accessory gaskets for windows and doors

Contact Frank Lowe for Jamb Plugs and Other Fenestration Components

At Frank Lowe, we have been a leader in the fenestration market for more than 60 years. As leaders, we offer end-to-end solutions designed to help move your project from conception through to completion. Contact Frank Lowe today for custom jamb plugs and other tailored fenestration solutions. 

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