How to Safely Transport Glass without Breaking the Bank or a Piece of Glass

How to Safely Transport Glass without Breaking the Bank or a Piece of Glass

Whether you're a business, homeowner, do-it-yourself enthusiast, or a warehouse facility; you'll eventually need to know how to safely transport glass. At first glance, the task  of safely transporting glass and glass products can seem overbearing and fraught with pitfalls.

For the inexperienced, it may take several failed trials and attempts to find the perfect glass transportation solution. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have the time nor willingness to ship broken glass over and over until they find a solution. Most importantly, customers will not tolerate it.  

Instead, savvy businesses turn to the decades of experience of Frank Lowe. As the premier custom manufacturing and die cutting company, we will help you explore, pursue, and create the perfect glass transportation and storage solution. Best of all, you don't have to break the bank to safely transport it — or a single piece of glass. Continue reading for a few of the most common protective packaging solutions we provide to help businesses safely transport glass.

Fenestration Separator Pads for Safely Transporting Glass

As our most popular product, fenestration or glass separator pads are the perfect solution for safely transporting glass throughout packing, storage, shipping, and installation. Regardless of the size or shape of the glass product you're storing or shipping, we can help you choose the best separator pads. This entails selecting the proper material for your application and die cutting the pads to the required specs.

Cork Separator Pads for Safely Storing & Shipping Glass

Cork is a natural material offering inherent qualities excellent for protecting glass during transportation. Cork can absorb vibrations and provide dampening qualities throughout the journey of your glass. We can die cut our cork glass separator pads and add two different types of backing:

  1. Static backing in either 1/4", 3/16" , and 1/8"
  2. Removable adhesive backing available in thicknesses ranging from as small as 1/32" up to 1/4".

Do you know the best thickness? No need to worry - the experts at Frank Lowe will help you choose the best product thickness for your glass transportation needs.

Foam Separator Pads for Transporting & Storing Glass

Similar to cork separator pads, foam materials are a lighter density product. The standard foam glass separator pads with static backing is 1/4" thick. Our white polyfoam material is  the most economical alternative if your looking for an effective product with a removable adhesive.

You can choose the white polyfoam separator pad in standard thicknesses ranging from 1/4" up to 1/2". However, we will work with you to die cut the perfect foam separator pads — regardless of thickness or size.

FLowe Magic Pads

As one of our newest products, FLowe Magic Pads are a dense vinyl material designed to provide ample cushioning for glass products of varying weights. The "Magic" in these pads is a magic bite, which means there is no adhesive on the pad.

As a result, the chances for adhesive residue being left on the glass or delamination is completely reduced. Even so, the pads and glass will securely stay in place throughout transport.

NeoRebond Glass Separator Pads

NeoRebond is a moderately dense glass separator pad designed to protect your glass products during shipment. You can choose from standard stock thickness of

  • ⅛ of an inch thick,
  • ¼ of an inch thick,
  • ⅜ of an inch thick,
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    and ½ of an inch thick.

If you need a special size, simply let us know and we can provide a solution. In addition, our NeoRebond is offered with a removable adhesive, which makes it a cost-effective glass separator pad. Most of our clients find NeoRebond to be the premium solution in shipment situations where the pad is required to be more flexible.

Felt Glass Separator Pads

In addition to our other fenestration separator pads, we also offer two different types of felt. Each felt comes in a standard thickness of 1/16". Like all of our other products, our felt can be customized to your specific needs upon request. The felts include:

  • Black felt pad with a permanent adhesive, which is the excellent solution for surface protection and desktops.
  • Green felt glass separator pad comes with a removable adhesive. The green felt glass separator pad offers excellent utility for the mirror industry as well as a variety of lighter gauges of glass, like glass for picture frames.

Contact Frank Lowe to Explore, Pursue, and Create

At Frank Lowe, we bring more than 60 years of experience helping business owners and warehouses create innovative ways to ship and store glass products. Throughout our tenure, most of our work has been in the fenestration market, but we've also helped businesses in:

Regardless of your industry or product shipping needs, we can help. Contact Frank Lowe to explore, pursue, and create a glass transportation solution. 

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