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Packaging Weight

Trim the Fat & Reduce Packaging Weight

If you're looking for innovative ways to pad your bottom line, don't overlook your shipping. In fact, many business owners have found additional sources of savings by working to reduce packaging weight and packaging materials

And Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are proving to be an excellent way for warehouses, businesses, and manufacturers to substantially reduce packaging weight. Let's take a closer look at how WOW Pads are helping businesses save money while improving packaging performance and product security. 

Trim the Fat and Reduce Package Weight

When it comes to finding ways to reduce packaging weight, every ounce counts. This means that every type of packaging material you use should be examined, and the amount of weight each component adds to the shipment should be considered. 

Even though materials like thin kraft paper, packaging peanuts, and bubble wrap may seem relatively inconsequential — they all add up to increase the weight of your package. Another commonly-used packaging material is cardboard, which is arguably one of the heaviest materials. And when cardboard becomes wet or faces snow, it becomes virtually useless and even heavier. 

If you're looking for ways to reduce packaging weight, Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are the perfect solution. These innovative Neo-Rebond squares are engineered to offer exceptional protection you need in the most efficient and compact manner possible. While other packaging materials may operate on the principal of "more is more", WOW Pads prove "less is more." 

By applying WOW Pads in strategic locations and pressure points, you can effectively reduce packaging weight. At the same time, these pads are excellent for stabilizing your products throughout shipping and transport by: 

  • Reducing product slippage
  • Minimizing and even prevent friction that may cause damage
  • Dampening impacts and vibrations
  • Demonstrating reliable compression and recoil
  • Absorbing several bumps and impacts
  • Preventing transportation rattling that can cause damage
  • Separating sheets of delicate products or finished metal

Don't Forget About the Tape

While most of us don't think of tape as a significant source of package weight, it can be. When you apply strip upon strip of tape to effectively secure a package, it's very likely the cumulative weight of the tape can push the package into the next cost category. One solution is to use water-activated tape (WAT), which is also known as gummed tape. 

This material quickly creates a reliable, strong, and tamper-evident seal with a single strip — instead of multiple revolutions. On the other hand, you can cut the tape entirely because Frank Lowe's Wow Pads feature its own laminated pressure-sensitive adhesive. The adhesive backing is protected by a paper backing, so when your ready to apply, you only peel and stick it to your product. 

There's no need for additional tape or application methods. And once the WOW Pads have done their job, you can simply remove them from your product without any residue or damage. 

It's Not Just About the Weight

The best packaging materials are lightweight. These materials are generally easier to handle and will work toward reducing your shipping costs. However, just because a product is lightweight (like bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts) doesn't mean it will lead to reduced shipping costs. Most shipping companies have a phrase called DIM or dimensional weight. 

This is the weight used to calculate costs for packages that are lightweight, but bulky. You can visualize the dimensional weight as the space that different packages would take up on a shipping container or plane. Simply put, what packages do not pay in weight, they can be charged in bulk. 

Because of this, it's best to use lightweight, packing materials that do not require volume to provide protection. Frank Lowe's WOW Pads confidently checks all the boxes. These small, lightweight, but powerful squares can be less than an inch and provide the protection solutions exponentially bulkier. 

Reduce Package Weight Through Testing 

You understand how much you have riding on your packaging. It's expected to travel potentially potentially thousands of miles via rail, truck, shipping vessel, plane, and possibly truck again. Throughout the journey, your package will more than likely experience a full range of environmental conditions, including rain and extreme weather. 

In addition, there may be people who handle your packages with less concern than you'd like. Even so, when your customers open the package, they have certain expectations that must be met. As a result, it makes dollars and sense to invest in package testing. While the experts at Frank Lowe can help, you can get started by simply outlining the general specifications that will address the key factors your package may need to navigate. Some of the most general conditions your package will need protection from include:

  • Vibrations from the constant movement or motion experienced through various transportation modes.
  • Compression from the dynamic and static weight of the load.
  • Shock protection from drops, rotations, impacts, and other movements that can introduce shock.

When you're looking to reduce packaging weight, it's imperative you test different scenarios. You should always pay special attention to the most known types of pressures your package will be subjected to. 

Contact Frank Lowe for Assistance Reducing Packaging Weight

The experts at Frank Lowe offer decades of experience analyzing shipping practices to deliver solutions that make a difference. Because of our experience and understanding, we developed the new WOW Pads. These small and mighty pads are engineered to perform under extreme pressure and protect a variety of types of products throughout shipping and transportation. 

Contact Frank Lowe today to request a free sample of WOW Pads. 

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