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Simple Answer to “What Is Window Glazing?”

The most simple answer to the question of “What is window glazing” it’s the glass panes found in windows. Glazing is available in an array of different types and forms designed to bolster comfort inside the building and improve energy efficiency. Each type of window glaze has its own set of cons and pros. At Frank […]

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What Makes Frank Lowe the Best Provider of Window Gaskets & Seals?

When it comes to choosing the best manufacturing partner for window gaskets and window seals, you have no shortage of options. But only the team at Frank Lowe can offer you the tailored solutions and decades of experience you deserve. As a full-service custom manufacturing firm, we have partnered with fenestration companies as well as […]

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The Open & Shut Anatomy of a Door: Important Parts of a Door & Door Frame

Although a door may seem simple, there’s much more than what meets the eye. To provide the necessary insight on the parts of a door, the team at Frank Lowe has created an open & shut guide to the anatomy of a door. to learn more about the anatomy of a door. The Jamb […]

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Anatomy of a Window: Clearly Seeing the Key Parts of a Window

Windows are critical components of any structure. And the anatomy of a window can vary based on the type and age of the unit. Regardless, it’s important to have a clear picture of the anatomy of a window by understanding the key parts.At Frank Lowe, we regularly partner with window manufacturers and contractors to provide […]

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Where to Find the Best Setting Blocks?

At Frank Lowe, we engineer and manufacture a variety of high-quality neoprene setting blocks, PVC Setting Blocks and Silicone Setting Blocks for the glass, window, and fenestration industry. Each setting block is tested, tried, and proven to deliver, support for the glass, withstand vibration, minimize uneven surfaces, provide cushion, absorb shocks, and enhance the protection […]

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Guide to Sanitizing & Decontaminating Uncoated & Coated Glass Surfaces

Glass is one of the world’s most attractive, illustrious, and desirable materials used across all industries, including fenestration. Glass is unique because it doesn’t absorb anything but will allow light to penetrate it while providing physical protection and separation. Because of these unique attributes, glass is used everywhere and for virtually anything, including sneeze guards, […]

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More than fenestration

Frank Lowe Offers MORE Than Just Fenestration Products

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has helped businesses across all industries and markets explore, pursue, and create better solutions. While we’re widely recognized as leaders throughout the fenestration industry, we also use our Die Cutting, Slitting, Laminating, and Fabricating of custom manufacturing expertise across all markets, including:ConstructionConsumer ProductsFenestrationFurniture IndustryGlass & GlazingMedical DeviceMirror & Shower DoorOEM ManufacturersPackaging […]

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Types of Fenestration

A Brief History on the Different Types of Fenestration

There’s always much more than what meets the eye when it comes to the different types of fenestration. In addition to the traditional window and exterior doors, a fenestration system can include any system that features an opening designed to:Provide passageOffer weather protection from external elements Allow light in from one space to anotherThis more expansive, […]

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Opening the Crystal Windows & Doors to a Successful Partnership

For more than 25 years, Crystal Window & Door Systems has partnered with professional architects, developers, designers, and government officials to engineer Energy Star Communities featuring the highest-quality window management solutions. As a true American Dream, Crystal Window and Door Systems started with humble beginnings — with the founder working out of his garage as a […]

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Shining the Light on Key Energy Efficiency Fenestration Terminology

The fenestration industry has evolved immensely since the days of Roman architecture. Today, steel beams allow for more windows, doors, and skylights than ever before. At the same time, new developments in manufacturing technology, materials, and equipment continuously raise the bar on virtually every aspect of fenestration products — especially energy efficiency. In today’s environment, the […]

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