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Pad Your Product & Bottom Line with Efficient Packaging Practices

Most business owners are surprised to learn that efficient packaging practices can pad the product and bottom line. It's true - when you strategically use efficient packaging solutions like WOW Pads, you can ensure your package doesn't sustain damage and do a lot more. Let's look at a few ways Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads are proving to be the premier efficient packaging solution for padding products and bottom lines. 

Save Money on Shipping Costs with More Efficient Packaging

When it comes to shipping any package, every ounce counts. And the packaging materials you use can be a significant source of weight and bulk — both of which can drive up the cost of your shipping. While it may seem inconsequential, if you were to add up all of the cardboard, bubble wrap, or kraft paper you've shipped, you can clearly recognize the potential savings. 

On the other hand, WOW Pads are extremely small and mighty squares that are die cut to the specific needs of your product. Instead of using more cardboard, bubble wrap, or kraft paper for presumed more protection, WOW Pads mean less is more. And they will add the least possible amount of weight and bulk to your overall package.  

Efficient Packaging Practices Save Time

Like the weight of packaging materials, the amount of time your employee spend packaging products can quickly add up. If you are currently using cardboard, kraft paper, or bubble wrap to ship powder coated products or glass, your employees are required to perform several steps to properly secure the package. These steps may include:

  • Cutting the bubble wrap, kraft paper, or cardboard
  • Properly placing the product in the middle of the protective solution
  • Fold the kraft paper or bubble wrap multiple times
  • Tape the protective solution over your product
  • Repeat several times

Your current packaging practices can take anywhere from five to 10 minutes per product. If you do this for 20 to 30 shipments, you can easily see how much time your employees are spending on packaging alone. 

Redirect Time to More Profit-Driving Activities

However, Frank Lowe's WOW Pads take a fraction of the time to apply. Instead of going through all of the previously mentioned steps, your employees only need to peel the protective backing from the WOW Pads and apply it to your product, which results in several hours or days of reclaimed time that can be better used for more profit-driving activities. 

Offer Better Protection with More Efficient Packaging Solutions

Bubble wrap, kraft paper, and cardboard are the most widely accepted standards for fenestration products, powder coated metals, metal fencing, and similar products. However, each of these solutions have blaring shortcomings that often result in damaged products:

  • Bubble wrap is a notorious one-hit wonder — meaning it's designed to take one impact and then leave your product exposed to the rigors of transportation.
  • Kraft paper offers no protection at all from impacts, bumps, and dings that are commonplace with shipping. At the same time, once kraft paper becomes wet, it turns to mush and leaves your product completely exposed.
  • Cardboard is naturally abrasive, which means it can cause scratches and friction damage. Once cardboard becomes wet, it turns to mush and acts like a thicker mush.

Fewer Damaged Products, Happier Customers

Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are engineered to offer superior protection throughout shipping, storage, installation, etc. For starters, WOW Pads use specialized cushioning technology to absorb countless vibrations and bumps. 

WOW Pads have anti-slip properties, which means you can stack products and not worry about it shifting or moving throughout transportation. This also allows you to stack products like powder coated metals, metal fencing, and fenestration products for storage. 

In addition, WOW Pads are not affected by moisture or the elements, so you can rest easier knowing your product will continue to have superior protection regardless of what mother nature decides to do. These cutting-edge protective packaging solutions do exactly what they are designed to do — protect your product throughout shipping and storage. 

Save Precious Warehouse Floor Space with Efficient Packaging

No matter the size of your company, every square foot of warehouse space is precious. However, many manufacturers are dedicating an arduous amount of warehouse floor space to overhead materials, like packaging supplies. For instance, bubble wrap, kraft paper, cardboard, and packaging peanuts all require a substantial allotment of space. 

In contrast, WOW Pads take up a fraction of the space required by traditional packaging supplies. This means you can reclaim warehouse floor space to house more products and meet more orders.   

Contact Frank Lowe for Efficient Packaging WOW Pads

If you're looking for the best and most efficient packaging solution, WOW Pads are second to none. And you can request a sample of WOW Pads to experience the effectiveness of this solution. 

About the Author Randy Cohen

Since 2002, Randy Cohen has served as the Senior Vice President of Frank Lowe — leading Sales and Marketing as well as a variety of Administrative operations. Randy has 25 years of experience with a background in sales & marketing, production and business management, serving both government agencies and private industry. He holds a B.A from Syracuse University and a Masters and Professional Diploma from Fordham University. Randy uses his unique set of experiences to help businesses and entities across all sectors explore, pursue, and create better solutions.

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