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Warehouse Inventory Storage

5 Warehouse Inventory Storage Ideas Designed to Save You Time, Space, & Money

No matter the industry, your employees undoubtedly spend a lot of time in the warehouse. This means it makes dollars and sense to invest in strategic inventory storage ideas. It's simple: the less time your employees spend searching for inventory in the warehouse, the more time they can spend completing other profit driving activities. 

And while there may be several best practices you can use to improve the ergonomic flow of your warehouse, the team at Frank Lowe has outlined a few of our top inventory storage ideas. Continue reading to learn more about our top inventory storage ideas designed to save you time, money, and space. 

Use Logical Inventory Storage Ideas

Using logic in the design of your warehouse, backroom or inventory location can save you time and money. To put it simply, it's more than worth the investment of capital and man hours to reorganize the space in a logical manner. To do so, use the following tips:

  • Before you get started, take a moment to draw out the entire space.
  • When drawing the space out, make special note of entryways, necessary walkways, or emergency exits from the start.
  • The storage space should be organized so the most commonly-accessed or popular products can be reached quickly.
  • Place out of season or anything that isn't being currently used toward the back of the storage space.
  • Use inventory storage ideas in a way that your employees can quickly find and navigate desired items.

In the end, the best inventory storage ideas should work to achieve:

  1. Enable easy access to goods
  2. Maximize available space
  3. Minimize handling of goods
  4. Allow storage flexibility 
  5. Create ample working space

Use First-In-First-Out Inventory Storage Ideas

The overall purpose of inventory or merchandise management is to make sure your investment is translated smoothly into revenue. The First-In-First-Out system can help you reduce the loss of revenue because of goods that have expired. In the most simple sense, the FIFO system revolves around selling the oldest items in your inventory first before you sell the newest stock. 

And if your product has an expiration date on it, the First-In-First-Out protocol becomes even more important. You should no longer toss all of your items into a single area. Whether you have powder-coated metals, teflon-coated metals, metal fencing, or anything else, it's always a good practice to stock your inventory from the oldest to the newest to help prevent the loss of money. 

Create Warehouse Space Savings with WOW Pads 

Frank Lowe's new WOW Pads are the most effective and efficient packaging solution for protecting powder-coated, teflon-coated, raw metals/aluminum, and other fragile products throughout storage and shipping. These small and compact pads are proven to prevent dents, scratches, and chips that commonly occur during storage and transportation. 

Save Space by Stacking Items Vertically

WOW Pads can help you save warehouse space by allowing you to safely stack items vertically. WOW Pads boast exceptional anti-slip characteristics, which means you can stack products and know they will not move. Simultaneously, WOW Pads offer exceptional compression and recoil. This means, you'll enjoy a sturdy, soft, anti-slip cushioned barrier between products, which can transform easily-damaged products into a stackable solution. 

Don't Waste Warehouse Floor Space with Unnecessary Packaging Materials

Every inch of your warehouse floor is critical. And if you are dedicating limited warehouse floor space to packaging materials and a packaging station, you may be staring at the source of significant overhead. When you house packaging materials on your warehouse floor, the opportunity is high. 

For instance, keeping large bundles of kraft paper or reams of bubble wrap can gobble up the space that may be used for other products. Fortunately, WOW Pads solve this problem by requiring a fraction of the space required by other materials. In the end, WOW Pads can help save warehouse floor space and reduce shipping costs

Organize Warehouse Supplies to Save Time, Space, and Money

Unless you use WOW Pads, your warehouse inventory will include a lot of supplies. Common examples of supplies include:

  • Reams of bubble wrap
  • Boxes of packaging peanuts
  • Large bundles of craft paper
  • Pallets of cardboard
  • Boxes of tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Box cutters
  • Forms
  • And more

If you choose to go this route, make sure your storage area is easy to navigate. Whether your employee is looking for a packing slip or a box cutter, make sure everything is organized and neatly placed to avoid wasting money and time. 

Contact Frank Lowe for Efficient Inventory Storage Ideas

At Frank Lowe, we're proud to be your premier custom manufacturing partner. Contact us today to learn more about our new WOW Pads and how they can be used to create warehouse and manufacturing efficiencies. 

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