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Get 360° Protection for Subassembly Components with WOW Pads

Frank Lowe's WOW Pads are the premier way to protect subassembly components before, during, and after assembly. Gentle enough for glass but strong enough for metal, WOW Pads boast the ability to prevent chips, dents, scratches, and other types of damage to products of all shapes. 

Once applied, WOW Pads stabilize the component by immediately forming a protective barrier. Simply put, Frank Lowe's revolutionary WOW Pads are transforming the way parts and components come together. Let's take a closer look at how WOW Pads are creating end-to-end efficiencies in the subassembly process.

Reduce Subassembly Component Damage 

As parts and components are moved through the assembly process, it's vital to ensure each unit is protected. However, when it comes to protecting products, one-size-fits-all traditional packaging solutions rarely work. In fact, WOW Pads are proven to outperform all other packaging materials and provide superior protection. 

While cardboard is a popular packaging solution, it can be very abrasive and lead to damage to fragile materials when the component shifts at any point as it moves between stations. At the same time, if the cardboard gets wet from extreme moisture, it turns to mush and is essentially useless.

However, WOW Pads are designed to offer your products the protection each component deserves. For starters, each pad is tailored to the specific dimensions and attributes of the part. Since we offer WOW Pads in a range of different thicknesses, we will guide you to the most ideal choice. Then, we die-cut your pads in the most ideal shape based on the application. Our goal is to create a tailored WOW Pad that can absorb countless bumps, compressions, and impacts while protecting your components. 

Improve Sub Assembly Process Speed & Help Reduce Labor Costs

If you're currently using traditional packaging solutions like cardboard, bubble wrap, Kraft paper, etc., your employees are spending an unnecessary amount of time dealing with these materials. Considering the amount of time your employees spend cutting, wrapping, folding, and taping these materials to your product, it's easy to see how the inefficiencies can add up.

This wasted time could be better spent on activities more closely aligned with driving profit. And Frank Lowe's WOW Pads can help you reclaim this time and reduce labor costs. Instead of having to cut the material to fit your product, each WOW Pad is uniquely die cut or kiss cut on a roll to the best thickness and shape for the application. 

If you've ever used a Post-It Note, you're familiar with the simplicity associated with applying WOW Pads. This tailored design and specialty adhesive allows you to apply WOW Pads in a matter of seconds for world-class protection

Save Money on Packaging Materials

When applying other packaging materials, more is better. Whether it's cardboard, Kraft paper, bubble wrap, stretch film, or packaging peanuts, it's extremely easy to use too much material. In fact, it's nearly impossible for employees to determine the amount of material that sufficiently delivers the protection required. Because of this, more is better.  

Unfortunately, this ambiguity often leads to using too much material, which can lead to wasted resources. However, with WOW Pads, less is more! In fact, our customers have reported savings of up to 25% from using WOW Pads. Simply, peel and quickly place WOW Pads in strategic locations for superior protection. Best of all, our WOW Pads can help create savings in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Save Limited Warehouse Floor Space

Warehouse or production floor space is always at a premium. And if you're storing packaging materials in your warehouse —like most subassembly facilities are — it's taking up space that could be used to house revenue-generating items or products.

 For example, storing LOGS of kraft paper or bundles of bubble wrap can quickly gobble up vital space that could be used to house products. And if you operate a smaller facility, this problem is amplified. Styrofoam peanuts are another common packaging product. 

Although lightweight, they are typically shipped in gargantuan bags that hold up to 20 cubic feet of peanuts. You may need to keep several packages of this material on hand. Previously, housing these protective materials has been accepted as a cost of doing business, but WOW Pads offer a more cost-effective and spatially-efficient solution. 

Our pads are exceptionally small and can be provided on sheets or on convenient rolls based on the needs of your facility. WOW Pads require a fraction of the space required by traditional materials and can help you get the most out of every square inch. 

WOW Pads Are the Greener, More Environmentally Conscious Product

When you use WOW Pads for your subassembly components, you'll noticeably use less. Because you use less, WOW Pads create exponentially less waste. In addition to being more efficient, WOW Pads— at their core— are the more eco-friendly packaging solution

Unlike other plastic packaging alternatives that could spend centuries in landfills, our NeoRebond WOW Pads are manufactured from recycled materials made here in the U.S.A. At the same time, every time you purchase WOW Pads you support the creation of American jobs. With WOW Pads, you can use less of a more environmentally-friendly material. 

Get 360° Protection for Subassembly Components with Frank Lowe's WOW Pads

If you're looking for a way to protect subassembly components before, during, and after subassembly, just say WOW. Frank Lowe's remarkable WOW Pads offer unmatched abilities in a cost-efficient and environmentally sensitive manner. 

Ready to learn more about protective packaging and how WOW Pads can save you time, space, and money? 

Contact Frank Lowe today.

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